(Korean) Brand Brag: Elizavecca Milky Piggy

I'm jumping on the Korean beauty bandwagon, with the brand Elizavecca and their Milky Piggy line. It has a tonne of products designed to hydrate, shrink pores and brighten your skin. So, if you're looking to achieve those qualities, why not keep reading?

Holy shit this is amazing! As the name suggests, you get 3 steps in the form of nose strips. The first is a gel, to open up the pores, the second is a sticky patch that hardens, and the third is a really cool strip to hydrate and close the pores. The sticky strip is the step that yanks all the shit out of your pores. To be honest, black heads have never been a huge issue for me, so I was really surprised at the amount of gunk this pulled out! This stuff is so effective. You can literally see all the black heads on the back of the strip. This is definitely going to be part of my regular skincare routine - and black heads aren't a huge problem for me! Imagine what a difference this would make if they were. Highly recommend. 
This is an overnight mask which I've been using regularly. It has anti ageing properties which supposedly also has glow boosting qualities. Although at 20 I obviously don't need anti ageing ingredients, I have found my skin is firmer, and although it doesn't make my skin look glowing in the same way I might expect from - for example - the Ole Henriksen Polishing Mask (review here), it definitely looks brighter and healthier. I have noticed that my skin tone is overall brighter and more even. My favourite part, though, is that it's really, really hydrating, and it has a lovely cooling effect which is really relaxing to use just before bed time. Plus, it absorbs so fast, so you're not left feeling greasy or sticky. 

I also use this as an overnight mask. To be honest, I haven't seen any immediate noticeable difference in my skin, but it feels very soothing and hydrating. My skin has been in generally better condition since using Milky Piggy so I'm not going to stop using this. Plus, it has the same cooling effect as the Aqua mask. The only real downside is the smell. I can appreciate it's not a bad scent, it's very sweet, but it smells the exact same as a foul tasting medicine I used to have to take when I was younger. So I hate it for that reason!

This is a "cult" beauty product, and it's a weird one. You put it on and it literally starts to lather up, you can even hear it bubbling. It's the strangest sensation! Once it's all foamed up, you can press it into your face to make it ultra effective. This has definitely, noticeably tightened my pores. They're practically invisible now. As I said, my skin has been significantly in better condition since using Milky Piggy in general, and I definitely think the Carbonated Bubble Mask has a huge part to play in that! My skin feels like it's been gently deep cleaned after using this. 

Hell Pore Clean Up Mask 
Another product to help pores! Like I've already said, my pores have been noticeably smaller and have become practically invisible since using Milky Piggy, so this mask is obviously effective. My only criticism would be that it hurts like fuck to take off. I only use it on my nose now because it hurt so much to peel it off my entire face. 
An eye cream is something that's been missing from my regular skincare routine for a long time. It's just something I've always associated with being for mature women. Once I realised that this isn't true, and that using an eye cream is actually an enormous step towards preventing the effects of old age on skin, I decided I needed to get one! The Elizavecca eye cream is great and I'm so happy its now in my life! It makes the under eye area noticeably brighter, smoother, and makes it feel so hydrated and bouncy. I pat it in gently and can literally see my under eye bags de-puff and fade. It's so effective I've even noticed concealer blends out better and to a much more even finish. I highly, highly recommend this!

This is hands down the best purchase I have made. It's so good. For starters, it smells absolutely divine. I have no idea what B-jo is, but it makes my skin silky soft. And the effect is immediate, I put it on, I massage it in, and my face feels so good. It absorbs super fast so if you're not left with a sticky, greasy mess for a makeup base. My skin looks healthy and bright, texture is reduced, and my skin feels so hydrated. These effects are instantly noticeable, but they're also building up over time and my skin has been in so much better condition long term. I've even noticed scars have faded!
Overall, my skin is thanking me so much for introducing Elizavecca to it! The eye cream, B-jo serum, black head solution and the bubble clay mask are must haves in my book. The other 3 are bonuses, but not essential to my skincare. This is a really great brand that is also affordable. I'm starting to understand the hype for Korean beauty! A little side note: how super cute is the packaging?! I love it! I'd highly recommend giving this brand a try - you can find all of the items I've mentioned on Amazon.

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