What I Got for my 20th Birthday

It was my birthday yesterday!  I think it's really nice to get super excited about receiving gifts, of course it is! So I really wanted to share what I got. I feel like I need to preface this post with a little disclaimer that this is in no way bragging.

From my parents, I got the Chanel Le Rouge Collection NO.1 a little early. Ive already reviewed it! If you like, you can read it here. They also bought me the Photos That Changed the World book.
They also got me How to be Parisian book - which was on my wish list! - and a £20 Debenhams gift card. From my boyfriend, I got the Urban Decay Moondust palette and the new YSL Kiss and Blush strobing cream.

I was expecting little things from my parents for me to unwrap on my actual birthday as I'd already had my gift, but I didn't expect anything more than books or socks! So I was really surprised to get the Debenhams gift card.. and an adorable Radley purse and L'eau D'issey perfume from Issey Miyake!

I first tried L'eau D'issey in a little sample before going into the cinema, and throughout the entire film I could smell it so strongly and I just fell in love with it. I also got the perfume I've wanted since the beginning of the summer: Tom Ford's Orchid Soleil, from my boyfriend. He also bought me a whole bunch of Nyx Vivid Bright Liners, Glam Aqua Luxe Liners, and the liquid eyeliner from MAC's Star Trek collection in Pure Show. I'm into colourful eyes at the moment!

I had a really nice birthday! My boyfriend took me to Creams for lunch, and then in the evening my family came round for cakes and a barbecue. I had no idea my mum had got me a birthday cake, so it was a very cute surprise when people started singing Happy Birthday and I saw a cake with candles!
Thanks for reading!

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  1. I always like reading what people got :) these look great. I kinda want that book photos that changed the world, it looks really interesting

    Happy birthday (says me 5 days later...)

    xo Honey - Royal Lifestyle

  2. Such cute gifts! I hope you had a fantastic birthday!

    fourcatsplusus.co.uk | Amy x

  3. Aw hope you had a good birthday!! It was my 20th birthday recently too!:) I love all the gifts, the perfumes and makeup bits look amazing!!
    Becky Shannon xx - Life-by-Becky

  4. L'eau D'issey by Issey Miyake is an amazing perfume. This perfume is always been in my wardrobe. Although, I am a huge fan of Issey Miyake Perfumes, can you please share a review on Tom Ford Black Orchid? Thanks for sharing this post by the way.