NEW Bobbi Brown Retouching Wand REVIEW

Bobbi Brown recently launched her new Retouching Wand, which aims to touch up your foundation to a "magically flawless finish" in a light weight formula. As a long time fan of Bobbi Brown and her cosmetics line, I bought it the day it came out and have put it to the test!
Straight away I want to point out that, fundamentally, it's a concealer. It's marketed in a way that makes it sound exclusively for retouching your makeup on the go, but let's be honest: it's a concealer. So I've been using it as such, but also making a concerted effort to use it to touch up my foundation.
I tried using it the exact way the model demonstrated in this ad for the product, by applying it and then tapping it in with my fingers. Personally, I found using my finger to blend did not do the trick, I had to use a beauty blender. It has a sponge applicator that supposedly should be used to blend the product, but personally I found it just moved it around. That being said, I am a total perfectionist when it comes to my makeup and I like everything to be totally seamless. It blends perfectly fine with a beauty blender though!

It goes on really well over the top of product, and doesn't bunch up or turn cakey, so it does it's job as a retoucher, definitely. Whether I'd say it stands out as a retoucher especially, as opposed to an ordinary concealer? Perhaps not. There are some concealers that aren't great applied over existing product, I admit, but there's also a tonne of other concealers that do it really well and aren't marketed as a 'retoucher'. 
Considering it as a concealer, I love it! It's lovely and light weight and feels notably hydrating. It has got great coverage and really erases those dark circles. Although I don't like the sponge tip for blending, I love it for applying! The sensation of the round sponge under the eye is a great de-puffer. Plus, you can really get into the eye contours, and it deposits the perfect amount of product. I would suggest buying a shade lighter than normal, I got the lightest shade - as I normally would with a concealer, so that it would have a highlighting effect - but that was a perfect match for my skin tone. 

Overall, I can't say that this product particularly stands out. It's a good concealer, but I can also name 10 others just as good off of the top of my head. As for specifically being a 'retoucher'? It's good, but again, nothing special. Just cleverly marketed! So I can't say that really I have a strong opinion on it. I certainly don't think it's bad though! Why not check it out for yourself? 

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