Zoeva Graphic Eyes

I have been really into colour lately; especially eye makeup!  I wanted to show you what I have been loving using: Zoeva's Graphic Eyes eyeliner range.

The liners come in a huge range of stunning colours, with a mix of metallics and matte shades. I love all the names of the shades, they're kinda quirky! Check them out:
Nude Reflection
It's Never Over
After the Disco
Good Karma
Cool Factor
Mr Marvellous
New Jewels
Rock n Roll Bride
Black to Earth
The  Truth
They're great quality, being highly pigmented, super creamy and smooth as butter.  They truly glide onto your eyes, so they're great to use as a cream shadow, too. My favourite way to use them, though, is to do a colourful winged liner (except the black one, obviously). 
One of the best things about these liners is that they're affordable! The eye liners are £7 each, or Zoeva sell a box of the whole Graphic Eyes set on their website, here.  So, what do you think? Any shades you're eyeing up in particular? I love this range and highly recommend getting one or two if you fancy the look of them! 

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  1. They look gorgeous! Love how colorful this is :D
    I recently got out of my safe zone and bought some colored eyeliners (read read here if interested)
    I'd like to see some photos how you use these so maybe I would get the courage to buy some bolder color :D

    xo Honey - Royal Lifestyle

  2. Those are some cool names for colours!

  3. I loove the Good Karma shade!! Xo

  4. The colours are gorgeous! Expecially the blue shades!

  5. The way you put the colors on your arms make it like the LGBTQ+ flag this is so cool 😍