Make Up Storage

Firstly, sorry for my few days absence! I've been a little busy. Anyway, when I asked on Twitter what my readers would prefer to see me post next, the answer was pretty clear: all about my makeup storage. The way I store my products is very important to me, I like to keep them tidy and organised. I like to have everything easily to hand.

I'll start with my vanity set up itself. Above the vanity is two shelves, the left hand one has smaller eyeshadow palettes and large eyeshadow singles (such as Mac pigments), and the left has facial sprays.
It's the Deco Dressing Table from Next. The mirror is separate, but I can't remember where it's from! The table itself is so pretty! It's mirrored all over. The two drawers at the top are very large and are separated into 3 nice sized compartments. Each side has 2 more big drawers. All are very deep so storage a tonne
In the left hand drawer, I keep, left to right: primers, foundations and concealers, colour correctors and sponges. 
In the right hand drawer, I keep powders and puffs in the left hand compartment and face palettes in the right two.
In the drawers of my vanity, I keep eyeshadow palettes, blushes, bronzers and highlighters.
On the wall adjacent to my vanity, I have 7 shelves (6 are photographed). I store 4 lipstick holders which each hold 24 lippies. I bought them here. I also have 4 acrylic drawers, all are by Danielle. The smaller one is to store my lip glosses, and you can find it hereThe three larger ones are for liquid lipsticks, but I cannot find it online unfortunately. 
Next, let's look at how I store my skincare! I stand it all on a large marble chopping board in the corner of my vanity. I keep cotton pads in a cool shaped jar which I got from a charity shop. I love it! 

I keep my makeup brushes in this angled glass container. I got it in TK Maxx. I like it because it's the perfect size, and the glass makes it blend into my vanity so it doesn't look bulky. Next to my makeup brushes, I have another large drawer by Danielle. This is for "eye stuff"; in the top drawer I keep brow products, and in the bottom 2 I keep eyeliners. 
And next to that,  I keep a four drawer acrylic drawer by Danielle for my single eyeshadows. 
On top of those two units, I keep other "eye stuff". 
The cream coloured pots are pencil holders from Dunelm Mill, and the gold pot is from TK Maxx. From left to right, I keep coloured eyeliners (such as these Zoeva ones), cream eyeshadow sticks, mascaras and eyeshadow brushes. 

I also have a big 6 drawer acrylic storage. In the bottom drawer I keep lip and cheek duos, in the second drawer up I keep false lashes and in the top 4 drawers I keep new products or things I'm using particularly a lot. The storage unit itself is by A Express

I also have a unit next to my vanity, which I keep other lipsticks on. 
I have 3 more lipstick holders, 2 more pencil pots for lip crayons and miscellaneous lipsticks that won't fit into the holders, a small metallic candle holder for lip pencils and a lipstick mug for Tarte's Lippie Lingerie lipsticks. 

And that's everything! Thanks for reading. 
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  1. Your collections is just gorgeous! I think I need to invest in some acrylic drawers. I have the standard MALM dresser, acrylic lipstick holder and a few pots but my makeup is overflowing. Drawers are next on my list!

    corrie |

  2. OH WOW!
    the collection you have is beautiful and the way you keep it is also stunning. I love the table!

    xo Honey - blog Royal Lifestyle - Twitter - Instagram

  3. Oh wow, your collection is amazing! I love acrylic storage, being able to see all the products is so satisfying and really handy whilst I'm at uni

    Emily x |

  4. I can't believe how much makeup you have an how organised it is!

  5. I want your makeup storage area!! I'd love to get a mirrored dressing table like that but I worry about finger prints & cat paw prints, lol. Once I've furnished my newly decorated bedroom I've been planning to get some of those acryluc storage draws & what not, there seems to be a lot of choice on the market for all different shapes & sizes

  6. Wow!! I love this! I've just bought new IKEA wardrobes and made sure to have some pretty drawers especially for my make up products! Xoxo

  7. I swear my partner could use a whole house for her make up

  8. Amazing collection. I love peeking :D

  9. Sweet jesus, I've been looking for this kind of transparent drawer for my friend so long 😭😭😭

  10. Love this Millie. I'm so jealous, I want a makeup room! Nathalie xxx