Splurge On: Liquid Lipstick

If you've been following my blog, you may have noticed I like to do a few little regular features, such as my monthly favourites and brand brags (you can find the whole list here).  This is the first post in my new 'series': Splurge On. I really like high end make up, and I'm a bit of a makeup collector (cough, junkie...), so I have a lot of it. I'm at a point where my collection is big enough that I feel able to make accurate and thorough comparisons.

High end makeup is an investment, and when you're going to spend a lot of money, you want to get the best, right? So I'm going to be looking at exclusively high end brands, comparing similar products, and letting you know before you take the plunge and splurge, which product you should go for. I'm kicking this off with looking at liquid lipsticks.
I thought long and hard about how I'm going to present this. I eventually decided to go through each brand, give my general comment, and then give them an overall rating out of 5 in the following categories: Texture, Wear,  Colours, Packaging, Value for Money (VfM). I'll also put the brands rating in each of these categories in a box at the bottom of this post, if you wanted to skip straight to that.

Anastasia Beverly Hills
I feel like Anastasia Beverly Hills was a trail blazer in the Liquid Lip trend. I think it was one of the first brands to make them so popular. As such, ABH lippies are definitely cult status and have a lot of hype surrounding them. I have quite a few of them now - and for good reason. They are very good! I'd say these are most definitely the most long wearing of all the high end liquid lippies. I've gone a good 6 hours, having eaten dinner, had plenty of drinks etc, and it's still there. I'd say the actual texture is definitely on the dry side, but it's not dramatically dry; nothing you wouldn't expect from your typical liquid lip.  Plus, Anastasia is always releasing new colours which are right on trend. The packaging is also typical. They usually work out at around £18 a piece, which is expensive, but not extortionate, I think.
Texture: 8 Wear: 10 Colours: 10 Packaging: 9 VfM: 8

I recently featured these new goodies on my blog, in this post, so you can head there to see the colours I picked up. I'm pretty sure they only released less than 10 shades, which isn't a great selection. The colours they've got are nice, but with so little options, there's no guarantee there'll be a colour for everyone. I like the packaging - it's chic -  but it's very small. In theory, this is great for handbag makeup. But do you really want to risk carrying around a Chanel make up item in your bag, and potentially losing it? Which brings me onto the price: a whopping £26 for a liquid lipstick. Now that, to me, screams excessive. That being said, the formula is absolutely beautiful. It's light weight, not drying at all, and has a beautiful, soft matte finish. It lasts a good 2/3 hours, which isn't bad, but not really what I'd call long wear.
Texture: 10 Wear: 5 Colours: 3 Packaging: 6 Vfm: 2

Another new item on the scene! I did a whole post on them, here. The colour selection isn't extensive, but covers quite a spectrum of shades. An observation, however, is that they have two shades of red which are pretty much identical! For a very small range - only 13 shades - I don't really understand the point of this! But anyway, I have to give these some credit for being a little different! In a liquid lipstick market saturated by matte finishes, Nars offers us a high shine finish. It glides on better than your average liquid lippy, feels noticeably more comfortable and lighter, and has a beautiful finish! It's wear isn't as long though, but still good. You can easily get 3 hours out of these, even with eating and drinking. I know it's not the most important part, but I have to mention I love the packaging. Transparent, beautiful square, and I am a sucker for Nars signature matte black on the lid. You get quite a lot of product, too!  As for the price, they're £22 each which is on the expensive side, yes, but I feel that A) because it's Nars and, B) because they're offering something different, they could have gotten away with a higher price tag.
Texture: 10 Wear: 3 Colours: 3 Packaging: 10  VfM: 7
I love Jouer liquid lipsticks! I used the shade Brique in my latest photo shoot. They have a beautiful variety of shades including metallic shades! I'm pretty sure Jouer was one of the first brands to introduce metallic liquid lipsticks into the mainstream beauty market. I don't think metallic suits me personally, but I can appreciate that they can look wonderful if that's your style. I do really like the texture of their liquid lipsticks. They apply very opaque. They don't feel drying at all and they're fairly light weight. I like that the packaging is physically quite small, which makes it great for on-the-go. They're also square, which is just a little different from traditional packaging. To be honest, I like Jouer's liquid lippies but they're not the first ones I reach for. They're not bad, they just don't stand out to me as particularly special. They feel nice, look nice, wear well and have a decent selection of colours. Nothing screams amazing, you know? There are other liquid lipsticks I'd reach for first. They're £15 each, which I do think is a good price though.
Texture: 8 Wear: 7 Colours: 10 Packaging: 6 VfM: 8

Too Faced
Too Faced have two different kinds of liquid lipsticks: the Melted Mattes and the Melted Liquifieds. The former I'd say I have a pretty similar opinion of as to Jouer; they're good, but they don't call to me and there are others I prefer, but that doesn't mean there's anything wrong with them. However, the Melted Liquifieds are so good! I'm not sure why TF introduced the Melted Matte's when what they already had going for them was so good! What makes them stand out to me the most is that they totally defy convention and come in a squeezy tube. They also have a fine sponge applicator which controls excess, so you don't end up with a mess! You get a perfect, even application. The consistency is breathtaking. They are incredibly smooth and creamy, and feel so comfortable to wear. They dry down to a satin finish, which I personally prefer to matte because I find it more comfortable. This is where the Melted Mattes come in, if you're looking for a matte finish! Over the two ranges you'll definitely find a shade to suit you, so kudos to TF for that! There's even a couple of metallic shades thrown in. Both ranges have a decent wear time. They're all £19 a piece which, in my opinion, is fairly good value.
Texture: 10 Wear: 7 Colours: 10 Packaging: 10  VfM: 8
I have around 15 of Stila's liquid lipsticks in my stash now, so it's safe to say I'm a fan of them. They're actually the first liquid lipsticks I ever tried. Now I've had the chance to try more, i.e the ones mentioned above, they're not the best. But, obviously I kept buying them, so they're still good! First of all, I have to give brownie points to Stila for the amount of liquid lipstick gift sets they bring out seasonally. They're always really good value and contain a great selection of shades in a decent size, even if they're technically minis. I'd advise you to grab one of their new Christmas sets if you can! The colour selection is great but not extensive. They are seriously opaque, but the texture is ultimately not my favourite. After about half an hour of wear they begin to feel quite dry - not to the point your lips feel like a desert - but you can definitely feel you're wearing lipstick. I think this is the sacrifice you make for such an opaque formula, that is also very long wearing. They're £16 each and you get a huge tube (compared to other brands) with a heck of a lot of product, so I think they're really good value.
Texture: 7 Wear: 9 Colours: 7 Packaging: 9 VfM: 9

Now MAC's liquid lipstick hasn't had the best reputation since it was launched. Sadly, I don't entirely disagree. The formula was really disappointing! It's very dry feeling. It's saving grace is that it is long wearing, to be fair. However there are a dozen other liquid lipsticks that are equally long wearing and have a better texture. I do like the packaging, the lid matches it's traditional lipsticks, and I like that little quirk! The colour selection really isn't that great, there's about 20. I find this surprising for MAC, with other products they're usually soaring ahead with hundreds of weird and wonderful colours. They're £17.50 each which, for the quality, isn't great if I'm honest. 
Texture: 3 Wear: 7 Colours: 5 Packaging: 8 VfM: 2 
And so, the verdicts are in! If you're looking for an unbeatable texture, with comfortable wear and beautiful opacity, look to Nars, Too Faced and - if you really want to splurge - Chanel. If you're looking for long wear, opt for Stila or Anastasia Beverly Hills. Let me know specifically what it is you look for in a liquid lippy! 
Thanks for reading! 
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  1. You've got some awesome ones in there! I'm jealous of your collection.

    http://fourcatsplusus.co.uk - Amy x

  2. I love this new series! great idea. you explained each one of them and summed it up at the end which is also great :)
    since we don't have any other than Chanel and MAC here, I would choose Chanel :)

    xo Honey - blog Royal Lifestyle - Twitter - Instagram

  3. Some great ones in here. They always go a bit gloopy on my lips though! Not sure how to stop that!