ThisWorks: With Sleep Comes Beauty REVIEW

With Christmas coming up and all the gift sets being rolled out, why not treat yourself to one? I did: the With Sleep Comes Beauty gift set from ThisWorks. It's a set specifically designed to help - as the name would suggest - with sleep and relaxation. 
The set comes in a lovely blue box. I know some people just throw the packaging away, but I like to keep things all together, so I really enjoy the fact it comes with a box. I keep it all by my bedside, so it's all ready for the night. In this set you get a lip balm, a pillow spray and a multi tasking product: the in transit camera close up moisturiser, mask and primer.
Turbo Balm Lip Balm
This lip balm has a really nice feel to it! It's not waxy or greasy, so for me it's a great base for lipstick. Other than that, it's your typical lip balm. Nothing is really 'wow' about it, it does what it says on the tin: moisturises your lips.

Sleep Plus Pillow Spray
To be honest, I take sleeping pills which knock me out, so I don't notice that this helps me get to sleep. However, I really have been loving this to wind down in the evening. Before I actually go to sleep, I have some 'chill time' in bed, watch tv, play on my phone, read and what have you. Spraying the lavender scent on my pillow before hand definitely gets me relaxed and calm. I think this is a lovely little luxury to have in your life, especially if you're stressed out. So I would recommend having this purely for relaxation purposes, but as to whether it actually helps you sleep, I can't say.
In Transit Camera Close Up 
Personally, I find 'multi tasking' products a bit, well, gimmicky. This is a moisturiser, face mask and primer, which, to me, translates as being a moisturising primer. I don't use it as a face mask because, if I'm wearing it as a moisturiser or a primer, I'm wearing it all day anyway, so what's the point in leaving it on just for 10 minutes?

That being said, as a primer, I love it. You do have to let it sink in for 10 minutes though, otherwise it's a little tacky feeling and your makeup won't go on easily. But applied according to the instructions, this stuff really makes your make up stay on all day, just the way you first applied it. My foundation - which wasn't a long wear foundation, mind you! - was flawless after 10 hours of wear, even after I'd been out Christmas shopping literally all day. It makes your skin noticeably smooth, and because it's also a standalone moisturiser, it's ultra moisturising. The formula is very thin so is wonderful under makeup; it's like an invisible veil of moisture.

I have been wearing it just as a moisturiser too. It's thin formula is perfect for if you don't like heavy skincare products. I use it at night for that reason, because I hate going to bed with so much product on my face feels sticky. As a result, I think my skin is smoother and I haven't had any issues with dryness. It really sinks into the skin, so I think it'd be great for those with oily skin. It's got a tacky feel to it when it's sinking in, rather than dewy. You don't end up with another layer - if you know what I mean - like you would with thicker moisturisers.  I will definitely be repurchasing it, I love it.
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  1. This is such a cute idea for a gift set! - Amy

  2. the sleep plus pillow spray is definately something i would like to try. I always find it difficult to fall asleep so would be interesting to see if this works

  3. I got a sample of the pillow spray from Birchbox, I love it I need to pick the full size up xx
    Lauren Catherine

  4. Struggling to sleep due to health reasons,I've found this review invaluable,I will DEFINITELY be looking to buy this product,and hope it does the trick,thanks for bringing this to my attention xxx

  5. I really want to try the pillow spray, I keep hearing it's great! xo