2016 in Photos

2016 is nearly done and dusted! As a photographer, I take hundreds of photographs. My "2016" online album has just under 600 photos in it, not including different photo shoots - and they're just the ones that made it to the editing and uploading process! I take just as many that are either personal and I just keep them to myself, or I'm not happy with. Seeing how photographs are such a central part of my entire existence, I thought it'd be a nice if I broke down my year in pictures. 

At the start of this year, I was living in Brighton, mid-way through the first year of a History degree at the University of Sussex. I didn't really have (m)any friends so I spent a lot of time on my own. I think that was the most difficult part, I pretty much became a mute because I wouldn't have anybody to talk to. I remember going to bed some nights and realising I literally hadn't spoken all day. I filled my days spending my time at the beach, and exploring Brighton. 
I must admit I found the place a little underwhelming. It's nice and all, but I think it's very overrated. Once you've seen it- you've seen it. You know what I mean? I was in Brighton when I started my blog. It was something to fill the empty time. 
I left Sussex at around Easter time, and shortly after I went to court following a dispute regarding a car accident I was involved in early 2015. It was finally over and done with, it was settled and I got a satisfactory amount of money in compensation! Going to court was also a really important turning point for me. After chatting with the Barrister representing me, I realised his job sounded really interesting and that I wanted it. Not long after, I applied to study Law at the University of Kent. It's what I'm doing now, and I'm 1000x happier. I can live at home - so A) I'm better off financially and - more importantly, B) I'm with my family and my boyfriend to support me.
Plus, with me being at home more often, I was able to spend more time with my fur baby, Barney. And we were able to get him a baby sister, Betty. Yes, I'm that crazy pug person... Seriously, though, I would honestly put the increase in my happiness over the year as being 99% down to these little bubbas!
So like I said, I got compensation for my injuries following a 2015 car accident. With that money me and my boyfriend went for a romantic getaway in Paris in June!
It was the best few days of my life - and you can read all about it here.  
Another really memorable day was the day my boyfriend too me to Port Lympne zoo. He'd saved up his money for quite a while to take me so that he could "treat me properly" (his words, not mine!). It was an incredible day out, we went out extra early and he treated me to breakfast, so we got to the park as soon as it opened. We did everything, walked around the animal enclosures, the gardens, went on the safari, had a nice lunch out in one of the restaurants. 

I spent a lot of my time at Mote Park during Autumn. It's my dogs favourite place to go for their walk, and I've found a pug group that meets up their regularly. I've mentioned several times on my blog that my all time favourite season is Autumn and ever since photography has been my hobby - so for the past 7 years - my ultimate photo goal is to truly capture Autumn. 
I honestly feel like 2016 is the year I've finally actually achieved that! I've finally timed it right so that  the colours of the leaves and the light was just perfect (in my opinion), and got exactly what I was aiming for, technically-wise. 
The next thing I know, Christmas has come around! I had a superb christmas, I got everything I wanted and more, and there'll be a post on all of that good stuff very soon. 
The reason for my hiatus in the late December is in part, as I explained previously, all of my money has been going towards gifts so I really haven't had any leftover to spend on myself, to buy items to review and what not. I had planned to get straight onto the post-Christmas posts straight after the big day, but on Boxing Day evening I had a nasty car accident. Long story short: I swerved to avoid a cat/fox or whatever, and ended up colliding head-on into a telegraph pole. My car has been written off, and it was one hell of a mess. Every single air bag was deployed so I'm honestly thankful I'm alive, let alone have my legs. I've got very minor fractures on the bridge of my nose and thumb, and pretty bad bruising all over my arms, legs, chest and neck. Plus a concussion, to top it off. But life goes on - cars can be replaced, but I can't. 

To finish off on a more positive note, I am hecka' looking forward to 2017! I'm working on some great posts in my drafts already! Thank you for reading. 
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  1. Wow! That sounds like an eventful year, I'm glad you are okay. Hope you have a lovely 2017.


  2. These are some beautiful pictures and I love it how you explained it all with some great memories.
    Also, I'm not a pug person, but dogs seriously make life 100% better.

    xo Honey - blog Royal Lifestyle - Twitter - Instagram

  3. You're photographs are beautiful!! Xoxo