NEW Vichy Face Masks Review

I was fortunate enough to win a selection of Vichy skincare goodies from Escentual, and I was able to complete my collection of their new face masks. There are three, and each were made with "rigorously selected minerals to create its [Vichy] first range of face masks charged with Vichy mineralising thermal water, tailored to suit different skin types"*. 
The three available are the Double Glow Peel Mask, Quenching Mineral Mask and the Pore Purifying Mineral Mask. I've given all three a good run, in order to be able to bring to you a full and thorough evaluation of them.

Pore Purifying Mineral Mask
After just a couple of weeks of use, I had noticed my pores had shrunk and tightened! Since maintaining a proper skincare routine I don't suffer with blackheads, but enlarged pores have always been a problem, thus them becoming clogged comes part and parcel. I have noticed that them becoming clogged is significantly less of an issue. With no make up on, it is visible that they are smaller and clearer. I'm really impressed!

I haven't always gotten along with clay masks. I've used one that hardens to the extent my face hurts, another that breaks me out, and another that you have to mix up yourself and it makes a hell of a mess. My skin definitely enjoys this mask. After using it, my face feels like it's had a deep clean without feeling raw. In part, this is is because when it hardens it doesn't turn sticky - if that makes sense - it doesn't cling to your skin. It's easy to get off, so you don't end up scrubbing the life out of your face. It feels very light weight, even when dried. I have to add that I really like this about it! I've used masks that have sucked the life out of my skin because they harden to such a rough texture, whereas this is truly gentle on the face. It also has an unusual texture to begin with. It is a lot more creamy and gel like than your typical clay masks. This makes it very gentle and genuinely a pleasure to use, rather than a skincare chore. This mask also smells really, really nice, which - in my experience - is unusual for a clay mask.

Double Glow Glycolic Peel Mask
I find this is very similar to my all time favourite mask and my all time favourite exfoliating product: the Ole Henriksen Truth Sugar Glow Polishing Mask (review here). However, it doesn't have any actual 'grains' in it to physically exfoliate your face, it's purely a gel, acidic exfoliant. Therefore I find it much more gentle on the skin. As you don't have to physically buff, this may be more suitable to those with sensitive skin. Personally, I use a "heavy duty" - for lack of a better phrase! - which you actually have to buff, exfoliator once a week and gentle exfoliants, a glycolic peel mask like this one, twice a week.  I have found it very effective, my skin is so clear and glowy! This is a great product to have in your skincare arsenal, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Quenching Mineral Mask
I spoke recently in my November Favourites about how my skin is really feeling the cooler weather, which includes feeling very dehydrated. This mask has been an absolute God send. It really is ultra hydrating. My skin has stopped feeling tight and dry (insert childish giggle here) and has started to feel supple, soft and fresh. Aside from it being incredibly effective, my favourite thing about this mask is how nice it feels to use. It has a really cooling, soothing sensation. Even though I keep it in a room at room temperature, it feels as though it's been kept on a fridge! It's so relaxing.

Another thing I love about this mask is that it's not a mask you wash off. You let it sit for 5 minutes, and then massage it in to your skin. I think this makes it completely fuss free. I love using it at night time, because you massage it in it's lovely to sleep in to let it really sink in. I wouldn't recommend using it before applying make-up if you have oily skin. It leaves some residue on your skin even once massaged in, which - although it feels amazing for us dry skinned folk - I feel it'd be unpleasant if you'd have oily skin.
Since using all 3 of these masks, I have noticed a marked improvement in my skin tone. It is by far more even and my complexion is generally clearer. As I've been trialling these simultaneously, I can't pin point if one of them contributed more than any other. I'd suggest it's a good sign that all three work well together, and are good to have in your stash. All three are so gentle I would recommend them for any skin type.

Thanks for reading!
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  1. I purchased all three masks in sachets since I wanted to test them before purchasing them. I have combination to oily skin and I tried so far the Pore Purifying Mineral Mask and I loved it! I am definitely purchasing this one :)


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  6. These look fab! Especially the Quenching Mineral Mask!

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    Hazel Rea - @beachrambler

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