Rose & The Skin

I was looking around my vanity recently and noticed I have a lot of products containing elements of rose, which prompted me to do a little research into what the benefits of the ingredient is, and why my skin loves it so much! I've picked out my top 3 favourite rose-containing products to share with you also.

Rosehip Oil
I've been using Rosehip oil for a long time - I'm positive I've mentioned it on my blog before! Rosehip seed oil comes from the small fruit that sits behind the rose flower itself, and is rich in vitamin C and proteins, which helps to keep the skin soft and moisturised***. Can you see why I'm a fan?! As somebody with dry skin, I find it very beneficial to mix a couple of drops of Rosehip oil into my foundation. This not only hydrates my skin, but also gives my foundation a glowing finish! Talking about vitamin C, this helps protect the skin from damage*, so mixing in a little to your foundation gives a bit more oomph to your SPF. The Rosehip oil I use is from Eco Aroma (here). 

Korres Wild Rose Peeling Mask 

As a mask this stuff is phenomenal. I mean that. Absolutely my new #1 favourite. I'll get to a more concentrated product review in a moment. First, lets talk's talk about the key ingredient: wild rose. Everybody loves a face mask when they want to relax, right? Well, the smell of roses is proven to be a great mood enhancer*! Because wild rose has high quantities of vitamin C, it is great for repairing already existing damage to the skin, such as wrinkles and scars, by helping cells to regenerate(#). Because of it's toning properties, products contain rose is also good for tightening pores**.

Korres has made a brilliant face mask, here! It is a lot more light weight than your typical masks, feeling more like an ordinary cream (albeit a thick one). It's suitable for all skin types but if you have sensitive skin I wouldn't recommend letting it sit on your skin for long! It actually very mildly stings/tingles. Personally, I like that. I like being able to feel that the product is actually doing something, you know? It has a high 10% concentration of AHA, which is an exfoliant. Combining dead cell shedding acid with reparative ingredients is, for me, a perfect mask. It keeps my skin looking healthy and clear. Moreover, the first time I used it I did actually have a minor break out, and it literally cleared it up overnight. I highly, highly recommend this mask! Shop it here.  
Rose Water
I first added Rose Water to my collection when I learnt that Hrush Achemyan spritzes it on her beauty blender for a smoother and even finish****.  I find this very effective! Rose water has ultra moisturising properties so you can understand how this will effect both your skin and blending. I have dry skin, so I find using Rose Water on my beauty blender to blend out under eye concealer, makes it less prone to caking, and for that area to feel a little more nourished in general. I use - actually, I am obsessed with - the Rose Water infused Hydraspritz from TheCremeShop (here). 
Rose water is also a great cleanser and, as I've said, great at toning. After cleansing my face in the morning, I also spray my face with this. It's also a great skin pick-me-up if your skin is feeling a little dull or dehydrated throughout the day. It's been a saviour since the father has been colder!  The benefits of rose water don't stop there, either. It also has anti-inflammatory properties, so is great for irritated skin, for example if you have eczema or pimples. It's especially good for pimples, in fact, because it is anti-bacterial. If your pimples are prone to scarring, rose water is also a good aid in healing scars*. I have experienced persistent acne scarring so anything that can potentially help heal my skin is heading straight to my vanity...
So there you go, roses can be more than just a romantic gesture! I've found that rose is an ingredient my skin really loves, so I highly suggest giving it a try, I'm really impressed with the results! I've linked all the sources of my research below so you can have a look at the articles yourself, do your own further research and what have you. 

Thanks for reading!
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  1. Love Korres products, but always find I react badly to Rose ones.

  2. I know I've tried a few products with rose in them, but I never realised just how good for the skin it can be! Xo