2017 New Years Resolutions

Phrases like "New year, same me" or, "sick of 'new year, new me' bullshit" circulate around the internet around this time. I am actually a believer in New Years resolutions. I think having a goal is really helpful. Over the Christmas period, everybody's had time off, a time to refresh and reflect, so I think the New Year is a good time to start over. 

I've got a few resolutions this year. I'm sharing both the personal and the blog-related ones. 

Eat a Vegan Diet
I don't think I could go completely vegan yet. I'm sure I own a lot of items that contain animal products that I don't think I can face sorting through yet, but I definitely want to commit to eating vegan friendly. I've found myself with a lot of vegan friends on Facebook sharing pro-vegan stuff, and I'm sold. I totally understand that it's a natural evolutionary trait that we want to eat meat and dairy products, but in modern times we really don't need to. Certainly, being from England, I am from a nation of animal lovers and I count myself as being one, so I don't want to eat them, or things that are for them and not for us. 

Keep a Diary
When I was younger I always used to keep a diary. I mean, that was between the ages of around 13 and 16, so they're filled with teenage whinging about crushes and friendship woes. But even then, I always found it very relaxing and therapeutic, so it's a hobby I am eager to get back to. 

Start Writing a Bucket List
I haven't been diagnosed with a terminal illness! But I keep randomly seeing/thinking of things that I think I wish I'm able to do one day. Like, go to the London fireworks display on New Years Eve, tour America and ride in a hot air balloon, I thought it'd be a nice idea to write it down, especially since I got a Listography book for Christmas. 

Take More Photos
I'm a photographer anyway, so I take a heck of a lot of photos. But I need to take more. Photographs are very special to me and are pivotal to my whole existence. A resolution for every year is to take more photos, and I always exceed the number of images in last years album, hopefully 2017 will be no exception! 

Say "Yes" More Often
I started doing this towards the end of 2016, actually. Because I'm fairly shy, get anxious about things and my confidence has definitely taken a knock the past couple of years, I say "no" to nearly everything - work experience opportunities, joining societies at uni, going out with my friends. But I am absolutely determined to say "yes" to everything this year.  

Post 5 Days a Week
Back when I started my blog I posted 5 days a week. As I progressed into the blogging world, I think I became a little overwhelmed. I guess I didn't realise how much work went into it. I'm committed to not posting just for the sake of it; I only post meaningful, well thought out and thoroughly researched content. As such, I've posted less. But I intend to try really hard to be more organised, and carefully plan out posts for 2017 so that I am able to post high quality posts Sunday through Thursday.

Have you made any resolutions for this year? 
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  1. I go back and forth with eating meat and vegetarian or vegan all the time. I honestly don't think I could ever stop eating meat, but I wish you all the luck :D
    Also, bucket list is a great idea!! :D

    xo Honey - blog Royal Lifestyle - Twitter - Instagram

  2. I decided my resolution would be to smarten up and generally keep the place more tidy. It's going well so far.