December Favourites

A couple of days late, I apologise! Here's my round up of the products I was loving in December.

MAC Pigment Reigning Riches & Violet Voss Glitter Glue
In last months favourites, I spoke about how I bought the Nutcracker Sweet pigment collection from MAC, and loved the shade of the glitter but hadn't found a good glitter glue yet. Guess what? I found it! The glue by Violet Voss is so good, it doesn't feel sticky or tacky on your eyelid, you can apply glitter on top of it immediately with no drying down time, and holy crap, this stuff can hold. It makes any eyeshadow, not just glitter, super long wear. I am loving it as an eyeshadow primer in general! That being said, now that I can use the MAC glitter I bought last month - in the shade Reigning Riches - properly, I am in love. It's a beautiful cranberry shade that was perfect for over the festive season. 
L'Occitane Shea Butter Cleansing Oil
This had been my evening cleanser for about 6 weeks, and I recently run out of my old morning cleanser (there'll be a post on empties soon!) so I started using this one AM and PM. It's actually pretty shoddy at removing make up, so I didn't find it was what I was looking for in an evening cleanser. But I am adoring it for in the morning. The shea butter has softened my skin incredible amounts, my face feels soooo good! It's really gentle so perfect for sensitive skin and doesn't irritate my eyes at all. Because it's an oil, it's great for my dry skin this time of year. Plus, it doesn't leave any residue once you've washed it off, so you're good to go in terms of adding products on top.  In summary: if you have dry, sensitive skin, you will love this. 

ThisWorks In Transit Camera Close Up Primer
I raved about this when I reviewed the ThisWorks With Sleep Comes Beauty set, which I got this primer in. It's technically (or, marketed as?) a mask and moisturiser '3 in 1' product, but I just use it as a primer. It's so good, it makes your make up stay all day. It gives my make up longevity that I haven't found with any other primer.

Bobbi Brown Corrector
I am a little ashamed to admit I was using this wrong for ages. I was using it just as a concealer, using it to cover specific blemishes. I watched a tutorial by Bobbi Brown herself, where she used the corrector as a corrector - duh, lol - but yeah, that's when I had a light bulb moment. Since using it very precisely under my eyes, it makes a dramatic difference. Dark bags are literally invisible. It beats every single colour corrector I have in my stash. There are loads of shades to choose from so there's one to suit every skin tone. I highly, highly recommend it.

Browtician Tweezers
I won these as part of a giveaway a few months ago, and before then, honestly I just thought tweezers were tweezers. But these are so good! I don't understand the technology behind how a pair of tweezers can be so precise and much better than the standard. Regardless, these are fab.

Jeffree Star Liquid Lipstick Leo
I am addicted to Jeffree Star's liquid lipsticks! I won't say too much because I'm going to be posting a separate, thorough review very soon, but I've been addicted to Leo recently. It's such a beautiful, almost caramel coloured pinky-brown. It's so beautiful and surprisingly flattering on pale skin.

Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick in Carina's Love
Who doesn't love a good red lippy around Christmas time? My favourite recently has been Carina's Love from Charlotte Tilbury. It's a beautiful, true, bright red. It has a lot of blue undertone in it and makes my teeth look so white! I am obsessed with it. It's also pretty good wearing - not that you can expect any less from Charlotte Tilbury! - I ate a dominos and had a few drinks on New Years eve when I last wore this, and it didn't flake at all. It obviously rubbed off a little, but it turned a little sheer rather than completely smudged and faded.
L-R: Charlotte Tilbury Carina's Love, Jeffree Star Leo
Charlotte Tilbury Beach Stick Ibiza
I love Charlotte Tilbury! Can you tell? I fairly recently bought my first ever Beach Stick, in the shade Ibiza. It's a beautiful universal bronzer, it is very bronzey without being too orange undertoned. It has teeny, tiny micro shimmers in it so it gives you a beautiful sun kissed glow. It blends out beautifully, it's so buttery but not excessively creamy, so I think this would be an ideal cream bronzer if you have oily skin.
Chanel Gel Liner Hyperblack
New from Chanel is their gel liner in the shade Hyperblack. I am really enjoying using it, it's beautiful and creamy smooth. It has a really decent wear time - easily a full 8 hours without smudging or budging. I personally am loving it, but I appreciate that £25 is expensive for a gel liner and that there are cheaper alternatives just as good. But I can't deny I really am loving using it.

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