My Essential Brush Kit

If, when I was getting into make up, somebody had written down a list of make up brushes they considered essential in a basic kit, I would have found it very helpful.

I've been a make up junkie since I was around 17, and in the 3 years I've tried and tested a lot of brush brands and types. I feel very sure now about exactly what type of brush I need, and if I could only have 1 kit, what brushes would be in it. So, here is my break down of what I consider to be absolutely essential brushes to have in my collection. (p.s: if they seem a little dirty, I apologise, they are freshly washed but they're well-loved, so they may be stained!) 

Big Fluffy Bronzer Brush
There is nothing I enjoy more than prepping on a summer days by dusting bronzer all over my face, and the best tool to do it is a fat fluffy brush, the bigger the better! I love the way a nice big brush disperses powder so evenly and naturally, so it is a staple in my make up kit.
My Picks: Charlotte Tilbury Bronzer Brush, Bobbi Brown Bronzer Brush

Angled Brush
An angled brush is essential for contouring, of course! Anything to chisel those cheekbones (or lack of)! I love the Nars Ita brush especially, but there are others with a lower price tag. Another angled brush than is an absolute staple is my Chanel brush. It's nice a fluffy so is good for bronzing like I described above, or softening contour.
My Picks: Zoeva 109, Nars Ita Brush, Chanel No.2, Sigma F40

Tapered Powder Brush
I always use a tapered brush to apply setting powder. It's perfect for getting close under the eye area to make sure your concealer doesn't crease, and other difficult to reach areas like around the nose. The smaller tapered brushes are also perfect for highlight.
My picks: Delilah Blusher Bronzer Brush, Sigma F25, Nars Yachiyo Brush, Wayne Goss 02, Zoeva 105,  Charlotte Tilbury Powder & Sculpt

Blush Brush
I always like to add a healthy, rosy glow to my complexion so a good blush brush is a staple in my collection. I personally like them to be fluffy to get a subtle application of powder, and rounded to cup the apple of my cheek.
My Picks: Bobbi Brown Blush Brush, Mac 129, Nars Yachiyo, Charlotte Tilbury Blush Brush, Chanel No.4

Fat Flat Brush
This is what I like to call "the all rounder",  I use such a brush mainly for foundation, but it's so versatile it can be used for cream bronzer/contour, blush, highlight. It's essential to create a base, for me!
My Picks: Mac 170, Sigma F80, Sigma F82, Wayne Goss 01, Zoeva 102, Urban Decay Optical Blurring

Fluffy Eye Brushes
I don't think these need much explaining! They're an absolute must to perfect a smoky eye.
My Picks: Sigma E35, Zoeva 228, Zoeva 221
Flat Definer brush
I use a flat definer to apply colour beneath lower lash line, which I do nearly every day I wear make up, so this is a must in my brush kit.
My Picks: Sigma E15 
Pencil Brush
I use a pencil brush to smudge out the shadow beneath the lash line to get a softer look. It's also great for smudging eyeliner, creating a cut crease, and highlighting the inner corner of the eye.
My Picks: Zoeva 230, Sigma E30, Wayne Goss 05
Flat Brush
I use a flat brush to apply shimmer and pigment. A spritz with Mac Fix+ and a flat brush and you can turn a shimmery eyeshadow into an ultra-metallic shade.
My Pick: Sigma E56
Small Eyeliner Brush
The smaller the better! I wear eyeliner pretty much daily, so a small liner to get a precise, sharp feline flick is a must have!
My Picks: Sigma E11, Zoeva 310, Charlotte Tilbury Eye Liner Brush

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What brushes are your must-haves?
 Thank you for reading!
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  1. That's a lot of brushes right there :D out of these, I only have flat brushes for my foundation. I do the rest by improvising with some random brushes :D
    I'll just stick to my Jessup ones and some from Essence - I do recommend both!
    although I do need a pencil brush...

    xo Honey - blog Royal Lifestyle - Twitter - Instagram

  2. You have a great collection, I'm envious! It's also very helpful, I never know which are the best ones to go for x

  3. This of so hopeful Thankyou xx

  4. Who knew you needed so many brushes!

  5. I use the Nars Yachiyo brush too. It's brilliant for blusher!

  6. Love this post! I really need to update my brush collection! Xo

  7. I love Zoeva and Eco Tools :D I have to try Sigma brushes :)

  8. This has answered all my questions,I'm going to treat myself..

  9. wow incredible collection!! ive just started collection my brushes, i hope it will be this incredible one day, & thanks for the advice its really helpful. im such a learner, lol

  10. What an amazing collection-major Brush envy here,I've learned so much from this blog and now know what brushes are for what,and where to look for them,need to go shopping now :) Thank you for the tips xxx

  11. My Sigma F80 is my all time favourite brush!

  12. I've just started to clean my brushes I've never thought about doing it before. But makes Sense they need to be cleaned.

  13. I feel like I'm the only person who hasn't tried any sigma brushes...I just haven't gotten around to purchasing any, however this post may just have given me the push I need to get some!
    Alicia x
    Aesthetic Obsessed