Ciate Precious Metal Eyeshadow | Review & Swatches

These had been on my wish list for so long, but they were one of those items that you wanted, but there was a dozen things you wanted more. So yeah they'd been on my wish list, but at the bottom, if you know what I mean? What prompted me to finally buy them was, first of all, I saw one in TK Maxx for less that £5.
When I did a google search I saw a beauty website (LookFantastic or FeelUnique, I can't remember!) had them on sale for like £11 but only had a couple of the shades in stock, then I bought the last one full price at £18.
Now for the review! £18 is a lot to pay for a single eyeshadow, but you get a brush, the loose shadow and a primer. I threw away the brush but only because I have 1000s of make up brushes and they were so tiny they were obviously going to get lost. However, if your make up/tool collection is smaller, I feel like you'd find the brush really useful because it's wide and flat, so perfect for applying metallic shadow. The actual primer and shadow is a total of 21g, which is a lot of product.
The colours are so pretty! Can't fault them at all. You get a true bronze, a gold, a stunning off pink taupe and a true pink. You really can't go wrong with that selection, can you?

When applied, they are supposed to create a "full on foil finish"*. I have to say, I beg to differ. When I think foil I think it actually looks metallic; like a really saturated metallic pigment. When I think foil I want my eyeshadow to be so pigmented and shiny that it practically looks like I've glued aluminium foil to my eyelids. These are nice, but they definitely do not create that. They are comparable to any  standard shimmer pressed eyeshadow, maybe with a tad more punch? I expect a lot more for a loose shimmer eyeshadow with such outlandish claims! So I'm disappointed. Like I said, they are nice, but do not live up to my expectations, and I'd certainly not pay £18 for it when they are no better than any shimmer pressed shadow from Mac, which is also more compact and far less messy.

L-R: Ocean Drive, Lincoln Road, Washington Av., Collins Av. (all applied with primer)
The primer is pretty good though. It does actually hold onto the product without feeling heavy or sticky on the eyelid!

So overall, if you see it in TK maxx for £4.99, get it. They're nice. But I regret buying them at more than that, if that tells you anything. I don't hate them, but there's products that are so much better, cheaper and less messy. If you're looking for really high metallic finish eyeshadows, check out my review of the new Stila Spring Collection here

I think I'll be trying Ciate's pressed shadows next. Are they any good? Let me know!

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  1. The shades themselves are stunning, such a shame they didn't live up to what you expected!

    Parie x
    Class and Glitter

  2. Ocean Drive looks really pretty! If it's a single foiled shade and it's that expensive then I completely agree, you want it to be hella metallic on the lids! Maybe a setting spray or using a wet brush would help x

    Beauty From Katie

  3. The shades are gorgeous! such a shame they weren't as good as you thought!


    Lizzie | Takeoffs & Landings

  4. Oh my gosh they are absolutely gorgeous shades! I really need to try more from Ciaté xx

    Gemma ♡ Miss Makeup Magpie

  5. Really pretty colours! Lincoln road would be my favourite.....but I don't think I'd spend £18! Shame though they aren't as good as you expected as the shades are lovely! Xo

  6. I'm such a mess when it comes to loose shadow but these look lovely and you got a bargain!

    Danielle's Beauty Blog

  7. Oh my, those shades are pretty, but it's a shame they weren't what you were expecting. I typically don't like loose eye shadows because of the messy factor.

    Ann-Marie |