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I'm always (sort of) kidding that there should be a Bargain Hunt for beauty products, and I should be on it. I know how to nab a good beauty bargain! Keep reading to find out how I saved over £60 on make up including from Tarte, Nars, Benefit, YSL and Becca! 

I had run out of my eye make up remover and I decided I wanted to buy the Clinique Take the Day Off Make Up Remover for Eyes and Lips. I'd used a deluxe sample before and loved it! I had also ran out of my Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray, and had been waiting to get it because I knew that I had a £5 reward on my Debenhams beauty club card. Anyway, my Uni is a very short distance from town so I had planned to go straight to Debenhams to buy both after my lecture. 

During, however, I got an e-mail from Debenhams saying you get £5 worth of points on your loyalty card if you spend £30. If I had gone into store, I wouldn't have spent £30 in one transaction because I would have purchased the 2 items at separate counters, and I'm pretty sure women who work on beauty counters make commission so I don't want to be that dick that asks if I can take it to another till. So I decided to order online so that I could get both in one transaction. The Clinique Make Up Remover is £17, the Urban Decay setting spray is £23, so I'd spent £40 to get a £5 reward, and redeemed my existing reward to bring the total down to £35 (the £5 worth of points gift will be added the third Thursday in February - but it'll still save me money towards my next purchase!). When I got to the check out, I saw that if you used click and collect, you got a £5 voucher. As I said, my Uni is right on top of town so I would have been there anyway. The next day, I went and collected my parcel  and got my £5 voucher.

I immediately went to the beauty section and spent my £5 voucher on the Benefit Brow Brush and Spoolie, which is normally £15.50. So in Debenhams, I saved £10 immediately and also got a £5 reward for my next purchase! 

Floating around in my purse, I found an old Fenwicks beauty card that was half full up with stamps (I think you need to get 18 to redeem £10?). I looked at my latest beauty card which was also half full, and together they added up to the total number of stamps. So I used both to redeem £10 off the new YSL The Shock mascara - which is usually £23. 

Next up is my Space NK bargain! I had a £20 reward on my N.Dulge card, and Space NK were offering £15 off with a £60 or over spend. I bought another of my holy grail Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer, as well as their new Soft Matte Concealer, and the new Becca Primer. This order should have come to £78, but with my discounts I got it down to just £43. 

Finally, Tarte was having a flash discount! And as luck would have it, the cult favourite Shape Tape was in stock in my shade, which it hasn't been for ages! So I ordered it and the new Pro Glow palette, and saved just under £8. 

What's the best beauty bargain you've ever gotten? 
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  1. This is awesome!! You never really know how easy it can be to save a lot of money for very little effort!! Xo

  2. Can it get any better than saving money when it comes to buying makeup xx
    Lauren Catherine

  3. GURL !! You were so lucky that day I can't believe it 😂

  4. i have £159 worth of point in House of Fraser ��