NEW YSL The Shock Mascara | Review

I'll admit that the packaging of this mascara - the beautiful metallic pink lid and writing - sucked me in! I'm not usually one to frequently update my mascara. I have a handful of go-tos that I feel do different things, so it's about time I opted for a new one. Here's my review! 

Like I've said, the packaging is stunning! The results of the mascara is, too. Although, 'm not sure the name "The Shock" is entirely suitable. When I think of a mascara that shocks, I think of ultra thick, long, dramatic lashes. I don't find this is particularly great for thickening, however. I love the way it lifts my lashes though, it makes them super long! 
It is also very effective at separating lashes, but not so much that they look thin and spidery, rather that they look fluffy. The formula isn't clumpy at all, which I really enjoy. I think this is a great everyday mascara, for when you want to do "day-to-day" glam; not glam enough for a night out, but isn't fitting of "the natural look" either. I think the wand is slightly a bit too fat to make applying mascara to the lower lashes completely easy. It does take some patience and precision to not smudge it on the lower lashes. That is my only grievance, though; it's the perfect size to hug my lashes on my upper eyelid! 
I'm really impressed at the feel of this mascara. Firstly, I have sensitive eyes and a number of mascaras have irritated them in the past, but this isn't one of them. Secondly, a lot of mascaras tend to feel heavy to me after a few hours of wear. Does that happen to anybody else? It seems to get sticky and uncomfortable, to the point I can no longer fight the urge to pick it off. However, The Shock remains comfortable all day long. It stays put, too; my lashes stayed lifted and curled, with no smudging whatsoever for over 4 hours. 
Overall, I'm really pleased with this mascara, It's already my every day go-to!
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  1. This seems really good! I have been using a Smashbox mascara recently which I love....but the brush makes my lashes all clump together which is a pain! The brush on this looks pretty good! Xo