Beauty Tips & Tricks

I'm by no means the first person to think of these tips/tricks/hacks or whatever you want to call them, but here's a few little things I do during my skincare routine or when I'm doing my make up, that I've found really useful!

The lazy girl's skincare tip...
When I wear make up of course I take it off, and that begins the night time skincare regime. I'm already in the bathroom, so I don't really have an excuse not to do it! But on days I'm fresh faced, I find myself going straight to bed and to be honest, I just really can't be bothered to get back up and wash my face, and splashing cold water on my face will probably wake me up too! I know it's so important to cleanse, so I've started keeping a bottle of Nuxe Micellar Cleansing Water by my bedside and a little jar of cotton pads. So now I can cleanse my face even when I'm already tucked up in bed! If I do remember to do my full skincare routine I will and fully recommend having a regime rather than just micellar water, but this is a handy little habit to get into. It's better than nothing, after all. 

Q Tips are your best friend
I recently wrote about my essential brush kit, but if there's one tool I need to have on my vanity and in my on-the-go make up bag, it's Q tips. Need to sharpen your feline flick? Use a Q tip. Messy with your mascara? Q tip. Smudged lipstick? Q tip. Can't be without them!
Wow brows...
Too many a time I've accidentally over plucked my eyebrows (and/) or made them dramatically uneven. One thing is always consistent, however: the way I fill them in and shape them with a brow pencil/pomade/powder etc.. I've found the best way to keep them in check and avoid any poorly shaped mis-haps is to pluck them when they're filled in. That way you know exactly what shape it is you're ultimately trying to achieve, and navigate your tweezers around it.

Brow and Prime
I'm a fan of using concealer as my eyelid primer, it helps any products put over the top not budge! I also like outlining my brow with concealer to make it sharper as well as add a subtle highlight to the brow bone. I use a fine angled brush to outline my brow with a liquid concealer, then use my beauty blender to blend it out, and drag any excess down onto my eyelid. Brows outlined and eyelids primed in one swift move! My favourite brush to do this is the Benefit Angled Brow Brush and Spoolie.

Lip Trio 
Sandwiching a bit of lip balm between lip liner and lipstick is great for extra comfort and hydration. This works especially well for matte liquid lipsticks! Nuxe Lip Balm is my favourite for this, it's in a pot so I can just pat it on my lips with my fingers, rather than use a stick form and get the colour of the lip liner all over it! Plus it has a waxy feel to it, so it's not going to drag any colour around or make it too greasy to apply anything on top.

I have very, very dry lips and I swear, despite my best efforts, foundation just gravitates towards them and sticks to them like glue. I find it very difficult to get off, and using a make up remover to do so is far to messy when I already have a full face of make up. Apparently I'm incapable of removing make up from my mouth with a wipe or a cleanser without wiping so much foundation off around my mouth it looks like I have a Goatee! I have found that using a cotton bud with a splash of L'Occitane's Perfecting Toner does the trick. It's gentle so doesn't feel like it's stripping my lips (or taste weird) whilst at the same time not removing any make up from around the mouth.

Do you have any little tips to make the beauty ritual just that little bit easier?
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  1. I love to conceal around my brows too! It defines them so much more and also maintains the structure. I often end up having brow product everywhere when filling them in, this helps to stop that x

  2. These are great advice! I don't put on much makeup but when I do, I use Q tip. They would fix anything! Your photos are really nice! xx Corinne

  3. Your photos are so pretty! I do love a bit of concealer around my brows! I'm also definitely gonna try plucking them when they're filled in next time, that sounds SO much easier!

  4. Some great tips :) I also use just a toner when I haven't worn any makeup all day. It's so much faster and easier and I honestly don't think it's such a 'crime'.
    I'll definitely try the trick with lip balm between layers of lipstick (although, I only do one coat...)

    xo Honey - blog Royal Lifestyle - Twitter - Instagram

  5. These are great tips!! I always keep at my bedside table an eye cream, hand cream and sleeping mask so I always apply all these before sleeping, that way I don't have an excuse not to use these. Nothing wrong with using micellar water to cleanse your face, it would be worse not to! xx