Inside My On-The-Go Make Up Bag

Personally, I don't like to have to touch up my make up when I'm out; I don't like having to take a make up bag packed with expensive things out with me and potentially lose them, and I just prefer to make my make up stick in the first place. But there's always going to be a time - no matter the strength of the setting spray - that calls for a touch up, whether it be on a hectic day at work or a sweaty Summers day.

I always try and pack my on-the-go make up bag very lightly.  I take the bare essentials, I don't bother bringing mascara, eye liner and other little extras. 
This is a staple in my handbag. It's perfectly mid way between a foundation and concealer, in a handy portable pen-size. It's great to touch up any melted foundation or concealer, or add extra coverage  to a particular spot. 

Powder is a must in an on-the-go kit, to subdue any oiliness (or sweat...), help to re-fix foundation/concealer, and to create a flawless, silky looking finish. 

Too Faced Palette
My mini Too Faced palette is perfect for handbags. It contains 3 staple eyeshadow shades (a shimmery pink, and two matte browns) and a small pan of the best selling Chocolate Soleil bronzer. What more could you need?! I've posted about this little palette here, if you're interested in reading a little more about it.

Bobbi Brown Sheer Powder Brush
I got this brush in a Bobbi Brown holiday set a few years ago. I have a whole set of travel sized Bobbi brushes, but only bring the powder brush with me day to day as it's the most versatile. I use it for the powder and bronzer, and it's tapered tightly enough that I can use it to touch up my eyeshadow too (although obviously not intricate details like a cut crease and what have you).
LA Girl Lipsticks
I always take lipstick with me for when my lipstick needs a touch up, I usually take a nude, a pink and a red because that pretty much covers anything! I choose to take LA Girl lippies because they're cheap (£5), so if one happens to get lost, it's no great financial loss! Ever since I took a Chanel lipstick out with me, got drunk and lost it in a bar, I will never, ever take any expensive lipstick out with me!

Browcote Clear Brow Gel
If your brows get a little unruly throughout the day (mine certainly do!), take a little brow gel out with you so you can give them a brush through when they need taming. I use the Browcote brow gel; it's waterproof, so if it rains, you're covered.

L'Occitane Lip Balm 
I always have a lip balm with me. What hair grips are to most girls, lip balms are to me. I must have around 100 scattered around my house, my car and my boyfriends house! I can never be without one, and the L'Occitane Lip Balm is my on-the-go balm of choice.

Shop My On-The-Go Make Up Bag

Bobbi Brown Crystal Lipgloss
A clear lip gloss is always a staple in my travel make up bag at this time of year. You just can't beat a glossy lip for Spring/Summer, can you? In my experience, lip gloss never lasts very long during an active day, so I always have one to top up the ol' shine. I enjoy Bobbi Brown's clear gloss, it's in a handy, squeezy little tube so doesn't take up a lot of room!
Caudalie Beauty Elixir 
I love setting/beauty sprays, I think they're really effective at freshening up your make up. I am currently taking Caudalie's Beauty Elixir around with me, purely because it's the only one I have in travel size, but any facial spritz or setting spray does the job, in my opinion. Other setting sprays that come in travel sizes include Urban Decay's All Nighter and Mac Fix+.

What's in your on-the-go make up bag?
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  1. You don't have much stuff, I have even less haha
    I usually only take lipstick with me (cause of course I'll eat something) and that's it. For my oily skin, I usually just use oil control paper or regular tissues or toilet paper. I really rely on my makeup to stay in place haha
    I like it how you take essentials and not a huge bag of makeup.

    xo Honey - blog Royal Lifestyle - Twitter - Instagram