The Lipstick That Loves You Back: Burts Bees Lipstick | REVIEW

Burts Bees are famous for their Bees Wax lip balms, and you've probably already seen that the company have recently launched a lipstick. Marketed as "the lipstick that loves you back", keep reading to find out if I agree!
I am really happy I've started using these little gems of lippies, they really are wonderful! I'll start with the packaging: I really like the deep purple colour, and the bullet is really easy to twist up. To top it off, you get a lot of products in here - 3.4g! (Mac lipsticks are only 3g for comparison) 
Whoever designed the packaging has really paid attention to details; I love that. There is a little, indented honeycomb pattern on the side of each lipstick, and it's the same colour as the shade of the product. I think this is a really unique, lovely detail, personally! Oh, and did I mention the packaging is recyclable*?! 
As for the formula, I have to agree that this is the lipstick that loves you back. It feels more like you're wearing a lip balm than a lipstick, it is not heavy, tacky or sticky and, more importantly, it does actually feel nourishing and soothing. 
It smells very natural - I can't quite put my finger on the smell, but it's far from chemically. This, of course, comes to no surprise, as each lipstick is 100% natural, featuring moisturising ingredients such as Beeswax (of course), Vitamin E and Raspberry seed oil*.
L-R: Nile Nude, Suede Splash, Blush Basin, Sunset Cruise, Lily Lake, Magenta Rush
None of the lipsticks are super shiny, rather have a stunning satin finish. They feel absolutely silky smooth. For the most part they're all beautifully pigmented, even the ones that are more sheer to begin with are build-able.  My only criticism is that the colour payoff doesn't seem to be very consistent, with some lipsticks being more on the sheer side than others, and accordingly not lasting quite as well. In general, though, the colour lasts around 4 hours, the sheen then wears off and leaves a wash of colour - so it doesn't totally fade. For £10 each, I highly recommend getting at least one. They're beautiful lipsticks and I think they're going to be my go-to for summer because they're so light weight! I hope Burts Bees expands they're make up line, I love that their products are all natural and, after all, so far so good! Shop the lipsticks here
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  1. hmm they colours are really nice, but if the only last for about four hours for me then they might not be worth 10£. do hope you enjoy them!

  2. I agree, they don't last as long so you do need to keep reapplying through the day but it feels so amazing on the lips and more like a balm that a lipstick. I got nile nude & I absolutely love it :).

    Ellie Xx |