Elemental Herbology Radiance Serum & Glow Mask | Review

Elemental Herbology have a number of skincare products designed to restore the radiance and vitality of your skin. From this range, I picked up two: the Cell Nourish Radiance Serum and the Facial Glow Radiance Peel.  I don't usually tend to review products from one particular brand unless I have a good percentage of them, so this post is unusual for me given I only have two, but they really stuck out to me. Keep reading to find out why!
Facial Glow Radiance Peel 
This is different to any other glycolic peel or exfoliating mask I've come across. Firstly, you only leave it on for 4 minutes. This is because it has a high concentration of skin loving ingredients, including all important acids: Malic, Glycolic, Lactic and Citric. It has jojoba beads in it, but advises that you not to use a buffing motion and to let the active ingredients do their job.
I have really been enjoying using this, immediately after your skin looks fresher and brighter so it's perfect for prepping your skin for the day. Because it's so quick to use, it is practical to use regularly. It's not the kind of mask that's messy, takes a lot of prep, or is difficult to wash off. I really like that about it.

The instructions from Elemental Herbology say to use it weekly, but I use it 2-3 times a week and have only had positive effects. Overall this is a great little gem in my skincare stash. It has kept my skin consistently radiant and clear. Plus, it's a very effective exfoliant so after using, your face feels fresh and renewed. I think this is really impressive, especially after just 4 minutes!

Cell Nourish Radiance Serum
I got the Facial Glow for free*, and when I looked it up online to have a read up on the ingredients, the website strongly recommended using this serum after it. Naturally, I bought it. There is one down side to this serum that I really want to get out of the way. It's the applicator! It's a little dropper, but it doesn't work very well! The part you squeeze feels quite flimsy and the actual dropper is short. Combined with the unusual shape of the bottle, it's hard to get product out. The only way I can get it to work is by squeezing the dropper whilst moving the bottle upside down, upright and back again etc. It's frustrating and not the kind of design flaw I'd expect from a £45 product.
What's most frustrating is that the formula of the serum is really good! I was instantly drawn to it when I saw it contained Squalane, which my skin adores and I have found is really effective at repairing my skin. It does all the good things I expected it to, it keeps my skin bright and clear and in great condition. I've noticed a big difference in how soft my skin is, how even the pigmentation has become and how small and unclogged my pores are around my T zone.  I am really enjoying using it as part of my morning routine, it does feel like it's actively prepping my face for the day (it has a really nice, clean smell - if that makes sense) as well as protecting it. If this was in a different bottle I'd stock up now, but because of how frustrating the dropper is I just can't honestly say I'll be repurchasing.

Have you ever tried anything from Elemental Herbology? What did you think? 
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All information on ingredients sourced from https://www.elementalherbology.com 

*I received the Facial Glow Radiance Peel free from Hearst Publishing. This was a gift, not a PR sample. Find out more about Hearst's (Harpers Bazaar) free gifting here


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  2. I'm always interested in good serums - also, I've been wanting to try this brand forever now, so good to know it's worked well for you. Hope you're having a great long weekend!