My Tarte Custom Beauty Kit | REVIEW

A couple of weeks ago, Tarte cosmetics had a really great deal on where you can create your own custom beauty kit, where you select 6 full sized products from their website, as well as your choice of  make up bag, for just £50. Given that a couple of the items I chose are £30+ alone, you can see why I had to snap up this deal! 

Foundation: Hybrid Gel Foundation, £30 
I got the shade fair-light neutral, which I thought was the lightest shade available. I certainly picked the lightest shade I was able to in the create your own kit, so I assumed it was the lightest full stop, but it turns out they do 2 lighter shades. I can just about pull this off, with a lot of blending down the neck. At least I didn't get this in the winter! Hopefully once summer is in full swing it'll be easier for me to wear.  Colour aside, there are a lot of things I love about this foundation. To start off, I love that it's in a tub rather than a pump, everything just seems neater. Formula wise, this is really full coverage but it feels exceptionally light on the skin. Moreover, it feel so hydrating! You can tell it contains skin loving ingredients (hyaluronic acid). This is perfect if you have dry skin! 
Blush: Blissful
This is a pretty rosy pink blusher, and believe it or not, this is my first ever Tarte blush! The colour is absolutely gorgeous, and the formula is even better! It's silky to touch, it's pigmented and long wearing, what more could you want in a blush? 

Brush: Swirl Power and Contour Brush
I'm always on the hunt for a good contour brush, so when I had the option to get this £30 brush as well as 6 other items for just £50 total, I couldn't resist! I'm obsessed with this brush, I love how fat and thick it is. It makes blending out my contour powder so quick and easy! The shape of it means you can also really wedge it into the hollows of your cheek for a sharp chiselled look.

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Eyeshadow/Liner: Clay Pot Spirit Animal
This is the perfect bronze gold eye liner that I'm thrilled to have picked up! It's such a pretty colour. I was a tiny, tiny bit disappointed in the pigmentation. Although it is buildable,  it's not immediately opaque and actually rather patchy initially. But it does layer up to be a nice solid gold, so I'm not entirely saddened by it!

Mascara: Lights, Camera, Lashes
Just as the custom beauty kit deal made it's way into my inbox, guess which one of my favourite mascaras was just running out? My trusty Lights, Camera Lashes. It couldn't have worked out more perfectly; buy a £20 mascara, or buy an entire kit for just £30 more? I'm obsessed with this, it makes your lashes look huge and fluttery, but it doesn't clump or flake at all! I highly recommend this mascara.

Lipstick: Liquid Lipstick Festival 
This, I admit, I was disappointed in. I've had my eye on it online for a long time now and thought it was such a pretty, nude-mauve colour. But in person, on my skin tone, the mauve is quite a bit deeper than I'd like to wear. Nothing wrong with the formula, though; it dries really nicely, feels comfortable and lasts all day.
Top to bottom: Festival, Blissful, Spirit Animal

Did you grab this deal too, what items did you pick? If you didn't, what would be your dream 6 piece Tarte make up kit?

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  1. I've never tried the famous Tarte Blushes as well, but this shade is absolutely stunning and I love this idea of a long wearing blush (most of them don't last very long on my skin)! Lovely kit, I really like the sound of the mascara as well!