NEW Palmers Skin, Body & Hair Care Picks

Palmer's are already famous for their Coconut Oil products, you can see them in nearly every shop. But did you know that they've recently launched a revamped facial care range? They got in touch to tell me all about their new products. 

Every product is enriched with cocoa butter, which Palmer's call "nature's super ingredient"^ due to it's moisturising and healing properties. This makes it the perfect core ingredient for skin, body and hair care products. 
I'll be honest: I was surprised at how much I liked this moisturiser. It's a beautiful rich cream that sinks into the skin super fast, leaving it looking and feeling nourished. If you have dry skin, you will adore this. It leaves your skin looking hydrated, not greasy. It's also SPF 15, so perfect for these warmer months. Being fair, personally I opt for a higher SPF during the day if I'll be out, but I've been using this during the evening, or if I'm staying indoors and just pottering around in the garden occasionally. This is definitely something I'll be using consistently during the summer. It also smells lovely! 

I am a total face mask fanatic, I use face masks all the time! I love this one. It contains a host of skin loving ingredients, including Kaolin Clay to deeply cleanse the skin and remove impurities, Vitamin E - a superb anti-oxidant - and Papaya, which is a gentle exfoliant. Thanks to the active exfoliant being all natural, this is great for sensitive skin types. This mask absolutely does what it says on the tin: hydrates, clarifies and brightens. I highly recommend it!

This is my new obsession! It contains Vitamin E (an anti-oxidant), Shea Butter and Aloe Vera to hydrate, Peptide Complex to boost collagen production to plump the skin, and, most importantly: Retinol. My knowledge of Retinol (albeit basic) is that it penetrates a deeper level of the skin to renew and repair it. Using this in combination with The Ordinary Advanced Retinol serum has completely changed my skin. During exam season (just over a week ago), stress caused me to have the worst break out I've had since I was a teen. Adding retinol to my night time routine cleared it up entirely as well as helped to prevent scarring. 
The cream itself has an amazing texture. It's very thick without feeling like it's suffocating your skin, and leaves your skin feeling ultra hydrated. After just a week of using consistently (every other night, because retinol is strong) my skin was definitely looking brighter and healthier. 

I love this beautiful, thick body cream. I apply it to my legs after shaving to calm any irritation from shaving and to keep the skin smooth and healthy. I love the feeling of it, it's become an after shower staple. 

I am not really a hair care person, it's not something I've ever invested in and, to be honest, not something I'd ever spend a lot of money on. Palmer's have made the perfect hair care product for us low maintenance girls. It's only £6.99, fuss free, and effective. Whenever I use this, I get so many compliments on my hair!
After I've washed my hair, I partially dry it so it's just damp, then spritz this mist all over, and finish drying it. It leaves my hair looking so shiny and healthy! I am so impressed with this, there's such a huge pay off for so little effort. This is now an absolute must, for me. 

I haven't tried a Palmer's product that I haven't enjoyed, but my favourite is definitely the night cream. I can't recommend any of these products enough! Do you think you'll be picking any of them up? 

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*PR Sample
^Read about ingredients Palmer's use here: 


  1. The night cream sounds great, I love products that are rich for my night routine, however, I haven't tried retinol products before but I know I need to! x


  2. The moisturiser sounds great! I love ones that sink into the skin quickly and don't leave residues. Haven't tried any retinol products - on my list though xx

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