Tips on How Fake a Good Night's Sleep

Hello again, you may have noticed that I didn't stick to my normal posting schedule, with this weekend's and Monday's posts being absent. I have been ill, to the point that I was up all night on Sunday throwing up. So, this post is very relevant to my situation at the beginning of this week!

Don't you just hate it when you don't get enough sleep and the next day it's practically written all over your face. Your skin is dull and lacklustre and your under eye bags could rival Givenchy. Here's what I do when I haven't got enough sleep, and I want to fake it until I can get a decent 8 hours.

Exfoliating will turn over dead skin cells to leave you literally fresh faced, with your new skin being more healthy looking and more radiant. This is a sure fire way to perk up your skin. If I have time, I'll  use Vichy's Double Glow Glycolic Peel Mask (review here) or if I'm looking for a quick fix, I'll use Pixi's Peel & Polish scrub.

Eye Patches 
(Note: not the pirate kind)
Eye patches are a great way to quickly reduce the appearance of sagging and sallowness under the eyes. I enjoy Anatomicals Wake Up Under Eye Patches* (review here), but if my skin is feeling particularly dry or needs extra nourishment, I'll opt for the DHC Revitilizing Moisture Strips*.

Don't Skimp on the Eye Cream 
I mean, you shouldn't skimp the eye cream anyway, but on days you're running on empty you'll definitely not want to miss this step. If you have time, spend a little extra time patting and massaging it in to stimulate blood flow, which in turn makes you look healthier and more awake. My favourite eye cream is Clinique's Pep Start - which is amazing at de-puffing, but Benefit's It's Potent! Eye Cream is brilliant, specifically for reducing dark circles.

Colour Correct
A brilliant quick fix for making yourself look like you've had more rest is colour correcting. Applying a pink (very fair skin tones), peach (light - medium skin tones) or orange (dark skin tones) concealer under your eyes will immediately lift and counteract any darkness. Shown in the picture is Dior's Fix It Colour Concealer in Apricot.

Invest in a good concealer, and your life will change. Rather than opting for a lower coverage concealer and applying a lot of it, choose a very high coverage concealer (like Tarte's Shape Tape, for example) and apply it where you need it. This way, you're dark circles will be your little secret and your make up won't look cakey, and the extra creasing caused by drooping insomniac eye bags won't be emphasised.

I've only recently discovered the wonders of aromatherapy and it's made such a difference. It's strange how just the scent you're surrounded by can impact on your mood!

To wake up, spritz a fragrance with an uplifting vibe, like this Awaken Atmosphere Mist* from Made by Coopers Apothecary. It's infused with the likes of Grapefruit, Orange and Black Pepper to give you some get up and go. I spritz it, for example, around my vanity before I do my make up, or just before I blow dry my hair.

What are your tips for faking your 8 hours?

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*PR sample


  1. Hope you are feeling better Millie!! Eye patches are great, I am using them too and I also use a spoon that I put in the fridge for 10 minutes, the cooling effect is amazing and it reduces puffiness around the eyes. Water sprays also help my skin a lot to feel and look more fresh! x


  2. Moisturiser is key when I'm tired, it just plumps everything up!
    I also reach for the heavy concealer too!
    Kathryn /Cherries in the Snow

  3. Concealer is a gift from God when you've not had a good night of sleep!! :) Tania Michele xx