Bioderma Photoderm Range Picks & Review

In Summer, it's extra important to make sure you slather on the SPF. I'm always up for delving into a new sun care range, and lately I've been testing out my picks from Bioderma's Photoderm line.

SPF 50+ Spray* 
This is a sun screen designed for all over the body, which is how I've been using it, including on my face.  Finding an SPF for using on my face is tricky business because it has to tick three boxes:
  • It has to be gentle enough for the sensitive skin on my face, yet still provide high protection.
  • Not smell of anything (personal preference, but still!) 
  • Blend easily without leaving an odd texture or greasy film on the face. 

I love this, and it ticks all of the must-haves I just mentioned. It's SPF 50+ so is an absolute essential, especially for me as I'm very fair. This is formulated for sensitive skin so is ideal for using on your face. Just a couple of spritz's is plenty to protect my entire face and neck. It doesn't smell of literally anything, which is perfect. It isn't greasy or sticky so is fine for wearing under make up, too.
Bronz SPF 50 Dry Oil* 
An oil with such a high SPF is hard to come across, in my experience! No only does this dry oil offer a high protection factor, it is formulated to stimulate, intensify and extend a natural tan. It's water resistant so perfect for taking to the beach! Plus, it's formulated without alcohol - which is known to dry and strip the skin - so is perfect for those of us on the sensitive and dry side.
Refreshing After Sun Milk* 
I use this after spending time in the sun, on my body and face. It provides a cooling sensation alongside a soft, milky texture which makes using it after a hot, sunny day an absolute dream. It's so soothing! It also re-hydrates the skin after a day of sweating buckets (gross, I know, but we've all been there)! This after sun is formulated to provide optimum protection for the skin by promoting our skins natural anti-UV protection, as well as prevent skin peeling, which in turn prolongs the tan.

 I personally try to avoid spending excessive time on the sun, although I did recently visit Bournemouth for a long weekend break and these three were absolute must-haves for days spent on the beach!   If you're a sun worshipper, or are jetting off somewhere hot this summer, make sure you check out Bioderma's Photoderm range.

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*Gifted by the brand/PR sample


  1. SPF is the most important product in our routine and I use one every day and I also re-apply it during the day. I never did before I hit 30 but now I see how harmful it can be and I am also noticing some brown spots on my forehead. I don't think I tried any suncare products from Bioderma before but I will give them a try! x


  2. Yes you're so right!! SPF is so so important but it can be hard finding sun protection which isn't greasy on the skin!!
    These do sound like they do the job though!!
    Thanks Millie could have done with this at the weekend I applied Factor 50 yet still got burnt!! What the hell?! Ugh.
    Anyway thanks hun awesome pictures!!
    Love Sarah Xoxo

  3. I love the sound of this range, as I have sensitive skin too, so they sound great! Also totally love that the oil has such a high SPF, I'll definitely be checking that one out! Great post xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  4. These look great! I can never find a lotion for my face either, so I'll definitely look into these products!
    Emily xx

  5. This range sounds so good! I'm definitely going to look at the Bronz Dry Oil, that looks particularly good! It's so important to focus on SPF during the summer, but I feel like a lot of people forget to do this in the UK and only bother when abroad!

    Charlotte xx