DHC Skincare & Make Up Picks

DHC is a Japanese beauty brand that has a huge range of products. I was first introduced to the brand with a sample of the cleansing oil and I was hooked.  Even looking at their website now in preparation for this post to get the exact names of products I've tried, I'm adding more stuff to my basket!

Here's a review of what I tried so far: 

Cleansing Oil*
Like I've already said: hooked. I'm obsessed with this oil, and it's now a staple in my beauty routine. Having dry skin, adding oils to my routine is absolutely essential. Not only does this cleansing oil dissolve make up in an instant, it is packed with anti-oxidants (in the olive oil) and leaves your skin feeling nourished and hydrated.  For me personally, ensuring my skin feels comforted (i.e not dry/tight) before going to bed is a high priority, which is why I use this as part of my evening cleansing routine.  I don't think I will ever not re-purchase this. 
Face Wash*
I did not like this at all, sadly. Although it does clean your skin, it really does feel like you're putting hand soap on your face. It's so sticky. It's supposed to be good for sensitive skin types but to me it felt really harsh on my skin. It lathered and felt really drying, and left my skin feely sticky, tight and starchy. I'll pass. 
Powder Face Wash*
I was tempted to give this product a blog post of its own because the concept is so strange! It's literally a powder, you add a couple of drops of water and then massage it into your face. At first glance I thought it was a little gimmicky, but actually I totally see the appeal. It's perfect for travelling, for example - powder is a lot easier to clean up than liquid in the event of a spillage. Plus, this is actually a really good cleanser. It feels really hydrating and fresh, and leaves my skin feeling so smooth!

Revitalising Moisture Strips For Eyes*
These are nice but I must admit not as nice as the Anatomicals under eye patches, which I reviewed here. The Anatomicals patches feel more hydrating to me because they physically have more liquid, as well as having a cooling sensation on the skin. However, these DHC eye strips definitely smooth out the under eye. I'm only 20 so fine lines under the eye aren't really a massive deal to me, whereas I have dry skin, so hydration is a priority. It all depends on which way you look at it! These definitely aren't bad, just not what I personally need.

Olive Virgin Oil Swabs*
These are things that I didn't think I needed, but I did! I think everybody knows the age old tip of using a cotton bud soaked in eye make up remover to sharpen up a cat eye. These cotton swabs come ready soaked in olive oil, which dissolve make up. It's so much more convenient! They came wrapped in individual packets so they're perfect for travelling with, too. Also, they're not wet, so they're fine to use (gently) over foundation to just remove the eye make up, and not the base products. These were a god send when I was doing Georgie's eye make up for this photo shoot.

Make Up
Powder Puffs
I always apply powder with a puff and these are my all time favourites. They're less than £3, super soft and they do the job. They're a little bit smaller than other puffs I've used but this is actually an advantage because I can get more precisely into my under eye area and around my nose. After buying a couple of these I literally threw away my Chanel powder puffs. Honestly, these are better.

Velvet Skin Coat*
DHC made no mistake in putting "velvet" in it's name, it feels like silk and gives your skin a weightless, invisible smoothing and blurring base. This reminds me of Benefit's Porefessional but, like, a super charged version. This is incredible at filling in pores. I don't use this all over my face because I don't need it, I only use a tiny amount and press it into my T zone area.

Liquid Eyeliner*
Without a doubt, this is probably the best eyeliner I've used. It's inky without being runny and dries to a completely opaque matte black. The applicator has a very fine point so you can precisely craft a feline flick. Yep, I'm obsessed!
Double Protection Mascara*
This is a tubing mascara which means it coats your lashes with fibres that make them longer and thicker. It really does make your lashes look luscious and thick, long and curled. The wand is really tiny so you can really grab onto each individual lash and to give them volume. I'm really enjoying this!
Eyelash Tonic*
The instructions say you can wear this overnight but I have sensitive eyes and the idea of having product on my lashes over night just didn't appeal to me. However, as an eyelash primer this is fantastic. It's very liquid-y so actually acts - I want to say like a lubricant - for your mascara. It stops it getting sticky and tacky and so, stops it crumbling. I really like this!

Blotting Paper*
These are fantastic for blotting excess oil that appears on your face throughout the day. You get them in a handy little pack which is perfect size to pop in your handbag and keep with you on the go for touch ups. If you're a busy body or have oily skin, or you just like your make up to look flawless 100% of the time, make sure you look into these! 

DHC is definitely a skincare brand I trust whole heartedly, but sadly a bunch of their stuff is being discontinued (not everything mentioned, I'm not sure on specifics). It's such a shame because they have so many incredible products. I'm glad I managed to get my hands on all this stuff before a number of them are gone forever. I'll definitely be placing an order on DHC very, very soon.

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*Gifted by the brand/PR sample


  1. I love oil cleansers and couldn't live without blotting papers! Great post - love your photography.

    Charlotta x www.charlottaeve.com

  2. Amazed at the powder cleanser idea - but it is so logical. Great reviews of all the products - very informative, thank you.

    HAzel Rea - @beachrambler