NEW Nars Liquid Blushers Review & Swatches

As soon as I saw that Nars had launched new blushers, I snapped them up right away. I've been testing them out for the best part of 4 weeks now, and I'm ready to give my verdict.

First of all, I love the whole concept. They're perfect for summer. If you read yesterdays post you'll know that one of my favourite summer beauty trends is that skin gets dewier - and what better way to craft a dewy look than with a liquid blush?
They really do give you a stunning glowy flush. They blend absolutely beautifully. I apply a pump to the back of my hand, then pat it onto a beauty blender, then apply to my face. It blends absolutely seamlessly for a fresh and natural looking, luminous pop of colour. They're so pigmented too, I was so shocked! The liquid is so thin and yet they're so opaque and intensely colourful. The colour stays on all day, too. So impressive, but what do you expect from Nars? The colour selection is small (only four shades) but they're all absolutely beautiful, in my opinion.
Top to bottom: Luster, Torrid, Orgasm, Dolce Vita

The packaging is like a mini version of the Nars All Day Luminous. It's so cute! It's so practical, it's big enough for a pump to save you from messy application, wasting product etc. It's also practical that you can see the colour, making it easy to put your hand on what colour you want. Plus, they look fabulous on display.

I personally am loving these, but I think the only downside to these is that they're £23 each, which is steep for a blusher. That means I spent nearly £100 on just four blushers, which I wouldn't recommend doing. You don't need all of them! What colour do you think you'll be picking up?

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  1. They look more like lipstick shades than blushers to me 😂 I thought the light pink 'orgasm' looked like a highlight in the bottle! Would've been better if it could double up. I like Luster though, quite an unusual shade compared to the others xx

  2. All 4 shades are so pretty and totally wearable, my personal favourite is Dolce Vita and next is Orgasm. I can see myself wearing these shades a lot!


  3. Ah so lovely! My tip to save money on them would have been to get them from ASOS with some kind of code. I have Dolce Vita as Orgasm was out of stock but can't wait to give it a try - their powder blushers are the best so I'm expecting good things! X

  4. I was swatching them at sephora and I was really impressed . really thinking if getting one