Instagram Growing Tricks You Should Know

I kind of impressed myself when I recently realised that in less than a year I've just about doubled my Instagram following, give or take about 100 followers. Instagram isn't easy to grow anymore, so I thought I'd share some of the ways in which I've been proactive in expanding my influence.

Follow people. All the time
I think this is a pretty obvious one but, given the horrible Instagram 'politics' these days of using bots, the following/unfollowing game, and even being accused of doing those two things when you haven't - it's understandable why people may be reluctant to follow people. I've got myself into a sort of routine where, whenever I find myself killing time, like waiting in a queue in a shop, waiting for the barista to make my coffee, or just before going to bed, etc, in finding new Instagram profiles. To find new bloggers or people with feeds I'll like, I have a look at who my blogging friends are following. That's always a good bet to find likeminded people. I also take a look at some of my favourite brands and shops tagged photos, I have a browse of the profile of any photos that take my fancy and give them a follow. I use the app Followers+ to see who's not following me back, so I'll probably unfollow them if they don't follow back after a couple of days or so. Don't judge me - we all do it. 

Make the most of pods.
I'm going to assume you know what a pod is by now, they've been around for some time. I'm in a handful of pods and I've noticed a pattern: everybody seems to share their images to the pods as soon as they've posted them. I've found a way to really get the most instagram-wide interaction by using pods. So, I'll post a photo, with the usual blogging hash tags. I leave it up for anything between 2 hours and 2 days. Then, I'll delete the hash tags (again, don't judge me - we all do it. They look messy, that's just a fact.) then send them to pods. The comments from my pod pals generates more interaction and therefore replaces the interaction from the hash tags. It doesn't seem to have the same effect when they're both there. So in essence I'll get a "double wave" of interaction.

Twitter Follow Threads
Of late, Twitter follow threads have been more helpful to me. Not just retweeting and sharing my link when I see them on my timeline, but starting one myself. This has proved enormously helpful; because I start it and share my link first, it'll always be the part of the thread people see. I get more followers almost instantaneously. It may look a little obnoxious so I do apologise if you follow me on Twitter, but I shared my own "Instagram follow thread" daily because they're so helpful!

To finish off, please follow me on Instagram! ;-) I'm @MillieClinton. Also, please do leave your Instagram links in the comments, as well as your top Insta-growing tips, if you have any!
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  1. Twitter follow threads are super useful! I can agree that instagram is super tricky to grow at the moment, especially with the risk of being shadowbanned if you follow/unfollow too many people. Well done on increasing your following so much! :)

    maria |