My Dr Hauschka Picks & Review

If you're anything like I was a couple of months ago, you've heard of Dr Hauschka; you probably know of and have seen their skincare products; but you've never heard of their make up line. 

Dr Hauschka, as a brand, marries beauty and nature and promotes their vision of a 'culture of care'. Clearly, this is a beauty brand that has strong ethics and a real passion for the wellbeing of nature as well as ourselves. Given this incredible ethical stance, I just had to give their products a go. 

Firstly, this was the wrong colour for me altogether. It was sent to me though so that's neither here nor there. When I looked online, I did notice the shade range was very narrow - only 7 shades - so I'm not even sure the palest shade would have matched me anyway. That being said, I did try it out to have a look at the formula. Honestly this foundation was a little too sheer for me. It's comparable to a BB cream.
Although I can appreciate the dewy finish, light weight formula, it just didn't offer the coverage I would normally opt for. I passed this on to a friend of mine with mature skin (in her early 40s) and it looked incredible on her. Perhaps this is one for those with more mature skin who might stray away from thicker formulas to avoid it sinking into fine lines...

I did not like this concealer. Initially, I was impressed. It matched my skin exactly and was very full coverage so I was like "ah, perfect! I've found a liquid spot covering concealer". No, no I did not. This oxidises a lot. I ended up with little brown patches all over my face and I had to start my make up all over again. So, initially I was impressed with the formula, but ultimately, this is a pass...

Blush Duo
These are amazing! I have been trying out the shades #01 Apricot & #03 Sun-kissed Nectarine. Both are stunning shades. #01 is a soft peachy pink accompanied by a gorgeous pale pink highlight, and #03 is gorgeous to use as a subtle bronzer on my skin tone, with a pink blush.
These powders are so soft to touch and the pigmentation is incredible. They blend beautifully and don't skip at all, they apply and blend as smooth as butter. I can't recommend these enough!

Lip Gloss
Who doesn't love a wash of lip gloss? I've been loving this! I've got the shade #05 Cornelian which is a stunning beige nude. It's so flattering and is very easy to layer, including over the top of darker lipstick shades to add a highlight or a sheen. The formula is really nice, too. It wears well and doesn't feel gloopy or sticky. I found it wore a good 4 hours before it started to need touching up.

I've got to say Dr Hauschka lipsticks are some of the best I've ever tried, and, believe me, I've tried a lot of lipsticks. They've got such a moisturising, comfortable formula, containing nourishing botanical ingredients including rose petals and almond oil. I've been especially loving them since it's been getting a bit more chilly, they're perfect to prevent your lips getting chapped whilst also looking glam.
 I cannot emphasise how beautifully richly pigmented these are! The colour is really intense and opaque with one sweep, and has a satin finish, which I really like. The colour sits comfortably on the lips and lasts a good 5/6 hours, they're stunning.

Sheer Lipstick
If I had to pick only one product that I would recommend picking up, it would be this one. They're so beautiful! You may have already seen me raving about them in my August Favourites. I never thought I'd go for anything with "sheer" in the name, but here I am! These lipsticks look so natural on the lips but provide a stunning wash of colour with an incredible glossy - but not over the top glossy - and non sticky finish. I've been loving these for everyday make up because these completely nail the your-lips-but-better effect.
Top to bottom: Sheer Lipstick #03, #02, Lipstick #02, #06

I love a good eyeliner. I love to add a tight line to my upper lash line, and I also like to smudge it if I'm aiming for a messy-but-subtle smokey eye. This eyeliner has such a buttery formula; it's so soft and creamy. It stays opaque but I really enjoying smudging it. It blends beautifully and looks really soft and natural! (PS: it's not in the photos because it had rolled under the marble chopping board and I hadn't noticed... lol)

I've got the mascara in Black and Brown. Now, here's the pros: It's got a fat brush which grabs onto all my lashes at once. It really does give my lashes a stunning curl that really holds, as well as some impressive volume.
However, I won't be using these. They transfer like crazy. After about an hour it looks like I'd sneezed straight after putting on mascara, even though I'd just put it on and gone about my life. So I'm very disappointed, especially given how much I'd have loved it otherwise.

What are your Dr Hauschka recommendations?
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*DISCLAIMER: All of these items were gifted to me for my review, but I did not receive any compensation for this post. As always, all are opinions are based off of my own personal experience. 

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  1. I've never heard of this brand (probably because we don't have it here), but it looks like they have decent makeup. Too bad you didn't get a good base out of these...

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