My "Oh Sh*t I'm Breaking Out" Skincare Line Up

It happens to all of us. The occasional pesky spot, or even worse, a full blown breakout. Whether my skin isn't co-operating because of stress or my time of the month, here's my go-to products for when I need to combat pimples. 
Day Time
Always cleanse your face. Never skip it, no matter how pushed for time you are. Spots are often a result of pollutants, excess oil and general dirt building up underneath your skin. I don't have a specific cleanser for breakouts, so check out my other skincare line ups for some cleanser recommendations.

I like to start with a glycolic acid toner, I'm currently using Pixi's Glow Tonic but another favourite is First Aid Beauty's Radiance Pads. These gently exfoliate to remove dead skin cells, which may block pores and cause spots.

For treatment, I use Aesop's control gel, which contains the acne fighting ingredients salicylic acid and niacinamide.
To moisturise, I opt for a moisturiser that has antibacterial properties, such as Antipodes Manuka Honey Day Cream*. Another great option is Skin Elixir's Moisturiser*, which is an anti-inflammatory. I switch between the two! 
I always use an SPF - it's important anyway, but exposure to UV rays will increase the likelihood of scarring and further pronounce pigmentation. I've found the perfect SPF for breakouts - La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo SPF 30*. This is a cream specifically formulated for problematic skin (also containing niacinamide), with SPF! I top it all off using a facial oil, my current favourite is Dr Botanical's Moroccan Rose Facial Oil*. I know for acne this may sound counterintuitive, but there is a lot of evidence to suggest oil is good for spots. Give it a google!

I like to use two masks, one immediately after the other, every other day or so. This really helps to quash any unwanted blemishes. I like to use The Clearing' Mask* from Bloomtown Botanicals (review here), followed by the Super Facialist Salicylic Acid Mask. I often do this at the first sign of a spot arising to take away inflammation, sooth soreness and redness, and - if it's still under the skin - bring it to the surface faster.

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Night Time  
For night time, I repeat with my glycolic acid toner, but with extra strength. I use Bliss's Incredi-Peel!* spa strength glycolic acid pads. Staying on the theme of exfoliating, I like to use a retinol every other night. Namely, Sunday Riley's Luna Oil*.
Finally, I use a targeting spot treatment, Mizon's Blemish Out Pink Spot, which has a powder mixed with oil formula. It contains a cocktail of acne fighting ingredients, including AHAs, BHAs and salicylic acid. I find this is excellent for making the swelling and redness go down from spots, as well as bringing those pesky under-the-skin cystic spots to the surface. This is probably my hero products, I can't recommend it enough, especially considering it's actually quite affordable!

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