Photo Shoot: Ellis

So this photo shoot was definitely a last minute situation. My parents are renovating our house and they stripped the wallpaper in the living room, leaving the wall totally exposed.

I thought the concrete against mottled layers of decades of different wallpapers looked so cool and I just had to photograph it. My parents said it'd only be like that for a week at most, so I knew if I wanted to use it, I'd have to act fast. I've wanted to shoot Ellis, who I've known of for quite a while through mutual friends, and it just so happened she was free within the limited time I had. Good thing she was because I am totally in love with these photographs. 
Dress: Asos
Make up
Becca Priming Filter
Becca Liquid Highlight "Champagne Pop"
Nars All Day Luminous
Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer
Chanel Le Powder
Contour, Highlight & Blush
ABH Cream Contour Kit (Light)
Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow Palette (contour shade only)
Paul & Joe Gel Blush #01*
Becca Champagne Pop (powder) 
Charlotte Tilbury Carina's Love
Nars Velvet Lip Glide Mineshaft
Eyes & Brows
Eylure Brow Wax
Charlotte Tilbury Brow Lift 'Supermodel'
Benefit Gimme Brow (clear)
Make Up Geek Tiki Hut all over
Charlotte Tilbury Full Fat Lashes
Make Up Forever Excessive Lash
Model did her own eyeliner with her own product because I didn't want to accidentally stab her in the eyes.
Canon A1
Kodak Ektar 100
Gold plate reflector
Epson V33 & V39 scanner (prints, not negatives)

I really love these images because I think they have a lot more of a 'vintage' feel to them, technically speaking, than some of my previous shoots. When I first started photography I was really inspired by the whole vintage theme and it was a vibe I really aspired to attain - here's a very early photo shoot of mine, for reference - the past couple of years I've definitely moved away from that. I think these photographs have a very nostalgic and old fashioned feel to them which I really like, and hadn't noticed that I'd missed creating.

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