Postboxed Review

With my birthday just around the corner (have you seen my birthday list?) I've been keeping my eye out online for some gift inspiration, when I came across Postboxed.

Postboxed is a company that delivers gift wrapped boxes that fit through the letterbox. They have carefully curated a range of goodies to go in their gift boxes, and cater to every recipient and occasion you can think of. I received the BFF Gift Box*, which contains an adorable bracelet and 'BFF' pouch.
As promised, the parcel fitted through the letterbox so there would have been no faffing around should I have been out when it arrived. I have to note that it arrived really quickly, within one day of it being dispatched. It came beautifully packaged, with the box lined with a beautiful paisley print tissue paper. All boxes come with a personalised note, too.
The make up bag was individually wrapped in yellow tissue paper and the bracelet came in the cutest Azuni pouch. I was really impressed with the quality of both items included in the box, as well as the quality and presentation of the packaging. It made getting the post just that much more exciting!
They have loads of gift boxes to choose from, such as a chocolate box, a foodie box, a colouring as therapy box, and even standard and luxury mystery boxes.
I was so happy to get this through the door and this is such a great idea! Ordering pre-wrapped and/or pre-selected gifts is so useful, and when you know that it will be able to fit through the letterbox, it takes away the potential hassle for the recipient. Postboxed makes it convenient to give a thoughtful, quality gift with ease.

I will definitely be using Postboxed in the future! Check them out here.
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*Gifted by the brand/PR sample 


  1. This is such a cute idea! I definitely need to invest in a chocolate goodie box!!
    I have nominated you for the Mystery Blogger award also, I absolutely love your blog!
    You can read more on my blog xx

  2. Ahh I've never heard of them but it sounds like a wonderful idea! Also, I hope you have a wonderful birthday babe!!! 💜💜💜

  3. I have never heard of Postboxed but it looks really good! And, happy birthday for next week - I hope you have a wonderful day x

    Claire |

  4. I love this box it's such a wonderful idea and the decorations and gifts are colorful and fun

  5. This sounds like a really fabulous idea!! I love the sound of it arriving through the postbox as it would be a real surprise if you were sending it to someone else!! Fab post and will definitely be having a browse!

    Sarah | xx

  6. This is great! I'm going to have a look at their website very soon.
    Kim |