Three From Smith & Cult

You probably know this brand for their stunning and sleek nail polishes, but I'm obsessed with their make up (I mean, I don't paint my own nails, otherwise I'd definitely have to have every single one of their nail polishes!)
 I love Smith & Cult. The mesmeric gold packaging, unique styling and beautiful array of colours; the products are like they've popped straight out of a make up junkies dream. The past couple of weeks I've set out to test three from the brand - the Flatte Tainted Lip Stain in Love Sucker*, Lash Dance Mascara* and Book of Eyes in Ice Tears*.

Book of Eyes Ice Tears
This is a truly stunning eyeshadow palette! Firstly, I've got to address the quirky packaging. That slanted quad is beautiful and so unique! The pretty gold case also stands out on my vanity. It feels quite heavy and substantial too; it doesn't feel cheap or plastic-y at all. 
The palette contains four shades: a matte finish soft grey, and three shimmer shadows: an icy shimmer, a frosted slate and a royal blue. They are so soft to touch! The shadows are intensely pigmented, so be warned: these are not eyeshadows to be applied after your base, do your eye make up first! That being said, they're beautiful. The matte shade isn't chalky at all, blends smoothly and is actually a very flattering muted grey tone. The shimmers are absolutely stunning, and apply with a high shine, foiled look even applied dry. They didn't fade during the day, either! 

Lash Dance Mascara
I love this mascara! The formula is lovely and actually gives your lashes a stunning glossy finish. I also love that the wand is big and fat, it grabs hold of all your lashes and gives them impressive length and volume. This is a superb mascara if your lashes are on the thin side as it is fabulous as thickening the appearance of lashes. I also found it gave my lashes a beautiful curl which held all evening. It also didn't crumble, flake or smudge all day. 

Flatte Tainted Lip Stain Love Sucker
I adore the packaging of this lip product, the gold is very classy and I love you can peek at the product through the transparent lettering. In the pictures above, that is the actual product you're seeing through "Smith & Cult", it's not just pink text! Lovesucker is not a shade for the faint hearted, it's definitely a statement colour! It's not something I'd usually opt for, being a bright, outlandish pink that's not far from neon! 
However, I am obsessed with the formula and can't wait to get some more different colours. It's got a ultra soft, plush texture and sits on the lips beautifully. It doesn't emphasise any fine lines/dry skin, and doesn't feel rough, tight or dry. My lips are naturally quite dark so it took two coats to be opaque. I found it wore very well, and lasted at least 6 hours before I needed to re-apply. 
Overall I'd say I'm hooked on Smith & Cult, I love everything about the three products I've picked and can't wait to try some more! What are your Smith & Cult favourites?

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*Gifted by the brand/PR sample 


  1. Your pictures are always stunning! I love how pigmented the lip stain is! It'd be so nice in some dark colors.

  2. Not tried this brand before although i have seen their nail polishes. The eyeshadow palette looks gorgeous, I love blues on the eyes. Gorgeous photography Millie,lovely!
    H x