8 Ways to Pass A Dull Autumn Day

Despite how nice Autumn is, overcast, dreary, just all round miserable days are just part of this time of year. Here's how I cheer up boring October days: 

Apple Picking
I am fortunate enough that my house backs onto orchards. Obviously it's illegal to just go onto the land and pick some apples, but there's hundreds - possibly even thousands - of apple trees so I doubt they'll miss a handful or two. Apples are the fruit of the season and there's plenty of places that offer PYO, so why not go and get a few? It's actually a very pleasant, autumnal past time. 

PYO Pumpkins
Of course, a must-do in October is go and visit a pumpkin patch. You can use them for cooking, carving for Halloween or just to brighten up the home for Autumn. 

Go for a coffee
There's nothing like a catch up with friends, is there? I think boring, drizzly days are the perfect excuse to pop out for a coffee with some pals. It's a cosy, indoor activity that doesn't need to cost a lot, and you can warm up from the cold air with a hot drink and a natter. 

Brush up your Barista skills 
Not in the mood for going out? You can always make yourself a hot drink at home. Take the time to connect with your inner Barista: experiment with adding syrups, for example. You could try making your own Pumpkin Spice Latte, or enjoy a classic cup of cocoa
Take some photographs
Misty rolling fields or brown leaf spattered pavements make the perfect Autumn backdrops for photographs. Why not venture out with your camera? Here's my guide to taking the perfect Pinterest worthy, red hued Autumnal photograph. 

Go for a walk
Even if you don't end up lugging your camera around, going out for a brisk walk is always a great way to take in the fresh Fall air and beautiful scenery. 

Snuggle up with a book 
I love reading but, if you're anything like I am, I can hardly find the time! I love to take advantage of a dull day by curling up in my bed, curtains open so I can see the view, and reading a book.  

Have a movie day
I love a movie day, don't you? Make a 'nest' on the sofa with some pillows and blankets, whack on a few DVDs and chill. Want to get in the Halloween spirit? Check out my Halloween Watch List.

What are your favourite ways to pass an Autumn day?
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  1. My recipe: movies/TV shows and walks :) of course, there's always a cup of cocoa next to me :)

    xo Honey - blog Royal Lifestyle - Twitter - Instagram

  2. Snuggling up with a blanket and a good book is just the best!