Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Collection

Charlotte Tilbury is one of my all-time favourite brands and make up artists, and I had been oggling at one of her most recent collections designed around the cinematic Hollywood vibe.

The Hollywood Collection consists of a double ended brush, liquid highlighter and contour sticks (which are sold seperately as well as together) and matte liquid lipsticks; it aims to make every woman "look and feel like you've stepped out a Hollywood screen! Every girl deserves that amazing, cinematic spotlight to follow her around all day!" The products are supposed to emulate the effects of the, "super flattering HMI lights of the silver screen to the beautiful soft-blurring of Vaseline on the lens". If those kind of claims don't draw you in, I don't know what will.

Hollywood Complexion Brush
This brush is double ended, for foundation and concealer. When I first saw this I was a tad disappointed because it's very small, so my initial thoughts were literally wow, you don't get much for your money. After the first use, I realised that size doesn't matter ;-) This brush blends foundation beautifully and doesn't leave any harsh lines. The smaller concealer brush has been more useful than I could have ever imagined, it's amazing for blending foundation/concealer in the finer areas of your face like around your nose, but is also great for patting in spot concealer, and concealer generally. I also find it really helpful for contouring my nose and under my lower lip. All without leaving any lines, it blends the product flawlessly. This is a great multi-purpose brush, I highly recommend it.
Hollywood Contour Wand
I love love love this. Love this. I got the lighter shade which is the perfect neutral, dark taupe-y contour shade. It is perfect for my pale complexion! As for how the product actually works, you get a tiny, soft sponge that you can twist the base of, which will squeeze product onto the sponge. This works really well; the product is liquid so having a sponge applicator means it soaks up any excess before it gets messy. As such it also applies more evenly. Honestly, this product applies and blends like an absolute dream. It is effortless and the end result is so natural. Because it's a liquid it it has a stunning dewy finish which personally I think is just gorgeous and absolutely reminds me of classic Hollywood beauty. Truthfully? This is my all time favourite contour product. Without a doubt!
Hollywood Highlight Wand
This is also stunning and works much the same as it's contour counterpart. It's a beautiful pale champagne shade, it doesn't have shimmer in it rather it adds a truly wet looking, light reflecting highlight. The finish is almost pearlescent, but in a natural, lit-from-within way. Plus, because it's liquid you have so much flexibility to build it up or keep it subtle. I must also say that, unlike a couple of other liquid highlighters I've tried that demand a lot of blending, this just melts into your foundation seamlessly. I highly recommend using both the contour and highlight wands, they're gorgeous.
Hollywood Lips
Ah, the liquid lipsticks. I am an absolute sucker for a good liquid lip, so these were probably the goodies I was most excited to get my hands on. I have not been disappointed. I have seen a few people saying they don't like the thick formula but personally I really love the whipped formula, I think it feels so plush and makes the lips look so soft and plump.
There is no drying time, they're matte immediately and the finish isn't drying at all, it continues to stay very soft. I also haven't found it to grab to any fine lines and, unlike the new Nars liquid lipsticks I reviewed, these passed 'the food test' with flying colours and held up against a very messy burger. I'd say they're definitely one of my favourite liquid lipstick formulas ever.
Top to bottom: Platinum Blonde, Pin Up Pink, Rising Star, Too Bad I'm Bad, Show Girl 

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  1. They look very luxurious, the colour range is fantastic too xXx

  2. How gorgeous. Even the containers and packaging are classy. I covet these.

  3. Hello !
    The shades are just magic!
    Love the swatches, thanks for sharing!
    Enjoy your weekend!

  4. It all looks so pretty!! 😍😍
    The liquid lipsticks look so pretty too! Not too sure about the whipped formula as I've tried some whipped liquid lipsticks before and didn't love them! Of course they weren't as high end as these! xx

  5. These all look so gorgeous! Especially the colours of the liquid lipsticks.