Estee Lauder Bronze & Highlighting Cushion REVIEW

The over the top highlight (although I still love it) is so last year, and, trend wise, I think we're currently seeing a shift towards a wet looking dewy highlight. On that note, meet my latest obsession. 

I love Estee Lauder's Cushion Foundation Stick - which I reviewed last year - because it has such a gorgeous dewy, glowing finish but at the same time doesn't leave you looking like a greasy, sweaty mess. When I was tottering about my local Boots a month ago and saw that Estee Lauder had released liquid highlighters and bronzers in the cushion stick formula, I practically swooned then and there. 
I was not disappointed by these. They're gorgeous. They have a really thin, light weight consistency and are so easy to blend. They all have beautiful pigmentation to them. The colour selection in the highlighters especially is spot on, they're all so complimentary. I love how they create a wet looking highlight, rather than shimmery/glittery. The bronzer, too, is a beautiful warm colour that is gorgeous to blend across my cheeks to give my face a bit more life. It doesn't have any shimmer to it so it adds a very natural looking dewy bronze tint. 
Top to bottom: Bronzer Light Medium, Highlighter Champagne Glow, Peach Glow, Rose Glow 
I do enjoy the applicator, the sponge tip does work and certainly prevents going overboard with the product. However, I prefer to work with all liquid products by popping a little bit on my hand, picking it up on a beauty blender then patting it onto my face. I find this works best with these products, too. 

Have you tried these? What did you think? 
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