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Caroline Hirons (A.K.A Queen, you probably know who she is) has raved about Biologique Recherche Lotion P50 for like, ever. I wanted it. I needed it. The problem? You can't buy it online in the UK.

As someone who struggles with pigmentation, a decent acid toner is always top of my skincare list. And, as far as the internet tells me, Lotion P50 is heralded as the acid toner. I've wanted it for about a year now. I think it may be sold in Liberty - you can get Biologique Recherche spa treatments at least - but I don't visit London often. MyMallBox, a shipping service, got back in touch with me recently and invited me to review their overseas delivery service; I jumped at the chance to buy it online! This time, I'm reviewing their fastest service - DHL Express, which promises to get your product to you in 1-3 business days.
If you've never used MyMallBox before, you're basically allocated a US address which is actually in their warehouse in America. It gets delivered to them, and they deliver it to you. They will even shop for you, or, if you're ordering separate orders from different stores, they will pack them together to save packing and shipping costs.

The DHL Express service cost me $28 (around £21). I ordered my product from here and it was dispatched the same day. MyMallBox received it the day after; and shipped it out to me the same day. I got a text shortly after from DHL, telling me it'd be delivered in 3 working days. It was delivered the next day. All the way from America! Now that's speed not to be embarrassed about, am I right? The best part (aside from actually being able to buy it in the first place, obviously)? I didn't incur any import charges either.

My package arrived super fast and safely, and at an affordable price. I love so many US only products, I'm so thankful MyMallBox exists! If like me, you're constantly eyeing up products only available overseas, head over to MyMallBox to get your US address! Sign up via this link and you'll get $5 in your account to start you off.
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*I received monetary compensation for this post as well as got to use MyMallBox's service for free, but all opinions are my own.


  1. This sounds great! There a few things I like that can only be shipped to the US so this would definitely come in handy.

  2. I live in the US, didn't fully comprehend it was a struggle to get some of these things.