The Perfect Base? | REN Perfect Canvas Review

Who doesn't want to achieve flawless looking foundation every time? And, one step further, wouldn't it be practically miraculous if simultaneously your skin was getting smoother too? Well, that's what Ren's Perfect Canvas Skin Finishing Serum* claims to do. 

I've been trying it out for well over a month now, and my first impressions were very good - well, I was intrigued. A serum that goes over the top of your moisturiser? That's certainly different. And essentially it's a primer - it is designed with making your foundation sit perfectly in mind, after all - that has long term skincare benefits. It's innovative.

I really enjoy the texture of the product. It's watery thin so doesn't bunch up on top of your moisturiser. I've found it absorbs into the skin quickly whilst also leaving a smooth, silky-to-touch film on your skin. It doesn't feel tacky, tacky or heavy. 

Now, onto the effectiveness: you do notice the difference immediately because everything just looks and feels smooth and even as far as texture goes. It absolutely does make blending your foundation effortless, I noticed from first use how much little time I spent blending in comparison with not using the serum beforehand. Not only that, but I would absolutely say it prevents foundation becoming cake-y. I'd say it helps it to last longer too, and stay flawless all day long. When I say flawless, I mean  smooth and even - an almost blurred effect. I'd say that this serum completely makes a difference in achieving this, my foundation really does look beautiful when I've used this underneath.

Now onto the downsides... 

I'd say my skin is a little smoother since using it regularly but not dramatically. That being said, I don't wear make up everyday and I've only been using this, basically, as a primer. But that is the purpose of the product, to be fair.  Because I only use it as a primer and not part of my daily skincare regardless of wether I'm wearing make up or not, it's a pretty expensive primer. It's £50! That's extortionate for a primer, albeit a good primer. Still, personally I wouldn't pay £50 for it.  I do not have problems with skin texture. Using a smoothing serum isn't a high priority, so perhaps I'm not getting the full benefit of it. I definitely think this works based on my experience, so it might be worth the high price tag if you really struggle with skin texture or your foundation sitting weirdly on it.

Have you tried this? What did you think? 
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*PR sample 


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  1. Not sure Ive paid 50 pounds for a primer before? This one does sound good though! Haven't tried it and when it comes to primers I tend to stick to 2-3 that work well and give different effects.