What's New From Mad Beauty?

Mad beauty are a company that makes super cute novelty beauty goodies, from make up bags to brushes and lip glosses. Check out some of their latest launches*!

Present Lip Gloss 
Super cute lip glosses in literally a little present, perfect to start getting you in the Christmas mood! They come in three different flavours, Cherry, Strawberry and Vanilla. £3.50 each

Lip Balm Trio Gift Set
This lip balm trio gift set comes in three cute glittery purses. I always have lip balm scattered around me, theres several in my bag and my bedroom, and these are such pretty additions! £5.99

Mrs Potts & Chip Lip Gloss 
How cute are these? If you loved Beauty and the Beast, you need this! £7.99.

Light Bulb Bubble Bath & Bath Salts 
These are probably my favourite, I think the light bulb packaging is so unique and fun. They're vanilla scented (but also come in cherry flavour) and smell absolutely delicious. £5.99 and £4.99.

Everything Mad Beauty comes out with is super adorable. I love these new launches, they're so cute and would make perfect stocking fillers!
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*Everything in this post was sent to me for review. As usual, all though are my own. 

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  1. These all look super adorable! I want to try everything now