The New YSL Base | YSL All Hours Review

For the past 5 or 6 weeks I've been putting my top picks from the newest complexion range from YSL Beauty, the All Hours collection, to the test. 

I've been trying out the primer, liquid foundation and concealer. There is also a compact foundation (I'm not a fan of compact or cushion foundations - I think they're unhygienic, so I gave that one a miss) and their version of a beauty blender.

I love this! This very quickly made it's way onto my favourite primers list. It's a super fine fluid that has a milk-like consistency, it blends into the face easily and feels very hydrating and refreshing.  Because it has such a thin consistency, foundation layers over it beautifully. It's got a slight pink tint to it which, if you're familiar with colour correcting you'll already know, counteracts blueness and dark areas in pale skin. As someone with very fair skin, I find it's excellent at brightening up my face and making me look more awake. For me, it doesn't leave any actual colour cast so I'd happily wear it alone with no make up for a brighter and smoother complexion. Plus, it has SPF 18! This absolutely makes my foundation last all day - I've used multiple foundations over this and have noticed that even after 8 hours, it looks flawless. I love the packaging on this, too! I love the gold lettering on the sleek, reflective background. It's gorgeous and just screams YSL.
I have serious mixed feelings towards this. I like the consistency, it's very light weight and you can't feel you're wearing make up. It blends beautifully, too. I like the way it dries down, to it a demi-matte finish that's not dehydrating or starchy feeling or looking. I enjoy the coverage, but at the same time I don't think it lives up it's claims of being "full coverage", it's more medium-to-full coverage and I definitely have several foundations in my stash that are way more full coverage than this. But the coverage is okay, it covers my pigmentation now that it's mostly faded but when it was at it's worst, it needed a help with concealer. I do think that for the most part, this lasts all day. I do have my suspicions that it's only long wearing provided you're not really doing much, so it might be a good pick if you're in an office for a 12 hour day? The reason I say this is because, when I first wore this, I had a scratch on my eye. No, I probably shouldn't have worn make up anyway but that's besides the point. After a full day (8 hours?) my eye started to water. This has happened when I've worn make up before and I do have some foundations that I know this won't effect; it won't run into and start literally washing it off, or smudging it. This foundation got very streaky very fast when my eye started to water, I literally had a tear drop shaped patch of bare skin showing through my make up! Not my best look. Despite this, my biggest issue with this foundation is that it oxidises  something awful. I have the very palest shade and on initial application, it matches my skin tone exactly. After about 10 minutes, it's a lot more orange and there is a noticeable line between my face and my neck. I won't lie, I was disappointed.
Another winner! I'd say all concealers I own bar this one have a dewy finish, or not matte at least. The consistency is quite thin and it blends really, really easily to a light weight, true matte finish. Quite surprisingly, it doesn't crease into fine lines or crinkle and suck the moisture out of my under eye. It's actually very comfortable to wear and you don't feel it's matte. It's also super full coverage and a little will go a long way. My only criticism is that the shade range definitely could be wider. There are only 6 shades and I have the lightest shade which matches my skin tone exactly. I personally prefer my concealer a shade or two lighter than my skin tone but, moreover, this just won't cater to people paler than me (and I'm not really that fair).

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Although I was disappointed with the foundation, I can't recommend the primer and concealer enough - especially if you're looking for a matte finish! So, to conclude: 2 out of 3 ain't bad, right?
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  1. I've been dying to try this YSL makeup line. The primer sounds dreamy. Sad that the foundation oxidizes!
    Kathryn /Cherries in the Snow

  2. This primer sounds amazing! I was looking forward to trying it until I saw it had spf (spf in stuff always irritates my skin). The concealer sounds great though, I prefer a more matte finish. Shame about the shade range.


  3. Oh, I am surprised that you weren't too happy about the foundation. I am using YSL foundation for years, never found a better one. But, all skins are different! Anyhow, I really enjoyed reading. I love reading honest reviews. Not many talk about less positive things in reviews. Thanks for sharing

  4. I have never used any YSL makeup yet. I want to try but I feel spending so much money I better get the YSL lipsticks I simply love them. :-)