November Favourites

It seems surreal that December is here now, and Christmas is just around the corner. To say November whizzed by would be an understatement. Actually, to say 2017 has whizzed by would be an understatement.  

I could have sworn February 2015 was like, a fortnight ago? Anyway, I have compiled what beauty products I've been loving the past 4 weeks. 
This has been my go-to highlight for the past month, and I also used it on Georgie in this photo shoot. It creates a stunning, be-seen-from-space glow. It's a really complimentary golden champagne tone, I think its just beautiful. I love the formula too.  Its such a fine powder and ultra light weight, can't feel it at all, and you can't actually see the powder; it doesn't skip or grab to texture on my face. Texture wise it's sheer. I think this is my new all time favourite highlighter. Can we also just talk about how beautiful the lip print is?!
This is a gorgeous muted mauve that, in my opinion, is the definition of a 'your lips but better' shade. It's just the perfect tone somewhere between rose and mauve, that can be dressed up or dressed down. Personally I've been using it for a natural make up look, and I've been wearing it pretty much every day lately.  
L-R: Brownie, Taupe
This is such a pretty shade! When I'm in a rush I just pop it onto my eyelid, blend it a touch with my finger tip, a bit of mascara and I'm on my way. I also really enjoy using it as an eyeshadow base or transition colour, especially if I'm doing a darker smokey eye. It blends really easy and literally lasts 8 hours+, without creasing, fading or smudging. This is an all rounder product. 

I wore Bobbi Brown's Brownie for when I was doing a natural make up look, as in, I wasn't trying to 'fake it', but am just going for a toned down look. But when I really want to go for no make up-make up, I opt for this tinted lip balm from Pixi. It's actually very pigmented whilst still being sheer, and dries to a semi matte finish. I swatched it and reviewed it in full here
I won this in a beauty bundle from Thou Shalt Not Covet, and I've worn it pretty much everyday since it arrived. It's an intensely sweet fragrance at first but after a few minutes it dries to a subtle floral scent with a hint of musky notes. Sorry, I'm crap at describing perfumes. But really, I love this. I love the bottle too, it's beautiful! 

This was also in the luxury bundle I won, and it's such a staple palette already. Filled with beautiful warm and neutral tones - from a sandy brown to a deep mahogany - with a mix of satin, matte and shimmer finishes.  This is a perfect everyday palette, the neutral tones are great for adding just a little hint of depth to your eyes for no make up-make up looks, but the darker shades also build beautifully to create a smokey eye. I love it! 
Pestle and Mortar Superstar Night Oil
I'm a big fan of retinols, and Pestle and Mortar's Superstar is currently my favourite part of my skincare routine. Retinol (a.k.a Vitamin A) is an exfoliant that penetrates the skin more deeply than other typical exfoliants, like acids or abrasives. I use it every other night, massaging just a couple of pumps into freshly cleansed and toned skin. It's massively, massively helped with my pigmentation. It turned stubborn, rhubarb coloured acne scarring - which I'd been trying to combat for a while - into silvery, fading pigmentation. And it's still improving. It's pricey at over £60, but if you're looking for a really effective retinol, do look into this!
Eye of Horus Brow Fibre Extend*
When I was going through my make up stash to narrow down my absolute, all time favourites, I rediscovered this. It's one of those products that I used for a few weeks to review, then put to one side and forgot about it. I'm so glad I picked this back up, it's a really fine brow gel so doesn't make your brows sticky or starchy. It has some colour pigment in it, but it doesn't smudge or clump together, it adds just enough colour to fill in the sparse areas. This is the only brow gel I think I'll ever need.

Kat Von D Shade and Light Creme Contour Palette
Another win! I won this from Caroline and have been obsessed with it. The colours are spot on (for my skin tone at last) and blend beautifully. The shades are opaque without being clown-like, are easy to blend and long wearing. It's currently my go-to product for contouring!

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What were you loving in November?
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