NEW Benefit The Porefessional PEARL Primer

 Benefit's original Porefessional primer is one of their bestselling products, with a huge fan base, myself included. Since it launched, Porefessional has been my T-zone saviour, so imagine my joy when I saw they'd developed Porefessional a pearly sister...

I actually managed to get this a day or two before it went on sale officially. Shout out to the Debenhams  Bromley Benefit girls giggling behind the counter about how they'd put it out for sale too early! So I've been putting it to the test for the past two or three weeks (yes, I'm very thorough).
I've got to say, first and foremost, I'm a fan of it. But, although it probably goes without saying, you definitely don't need both, they are very expensive, after all. If your main concern is 100% pore and shine control, you're matte mad and not at all interested in adding any shine, sheen or radiance, just go with the original Porefessional. If, like me, you're all about minimising pores but like to stay looking a little glowy, but without the oiliness - the new Porefessional Pearl Primer might just be your new best friend. 
This new addition to the Porefessional family is a pale pink, Dimethicone (the 'matte stuff') based fluid. The pink colour - which you'll already know if you're familiar with colour correcting - acts to combat dark and sallow areas of your complexion. The pearlescent sheen gives you a subtle yet effective radiance - so you can have an oil free complexion all day long, whilst still maintaining a youthful glow without your face becoming a slip and slide.
It's powdery soft to touch and has a beautiful way of sitting on the skin without looking like there's anything there. The ultra-silky texture makes it blend over the skin easily and evenly, to create an almost blurred effect all over the face. It smoothes over the pores to make them look minimal, so is absolutely good to go on the T-zone. 

So does this sound up your street, or do you think you'll stick to the original?
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  1. I've kinda fallen out of love with the original. I love the pore reducing quality but just thought other, cheaper products on the market offered me more.
    This one does tempt me though. I'll certainly be popping into store soon to try it out.
    Gillian xx

  2. This has been on my wish list since it launched. I really like the original but wish it was cheaper! I might try testing this in store before making my decision.

  3. I have oily skin and I found that the original primer didn't do anything for my T Zone, maybe I'll try it again as I have an unopened sample still or see if I can get a sample of this one.

    Janay Andre x

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