New Make Up Launches Anti-Haul

I'm not typically one for an anti-haul, mainly because I'm usually that person that is first in line to buy the new launches. However, recently it just feels like there's been so many new launches even I can't keep up!

There's definitely been a number of launches that I've literally looked at and thought, nah, on top of those that I'm choosing not to buy just because there's an overwhelming amount of new product, and it's just not a priority or eye catching enough.
1. Too Faced Glitter Pop Peel Off Eyeliners 
I already own a dozen glitter eyeliners and I don't even use them that often, only really for special make up when I want to be really 'extra'. An opportunity to receive these in PR actually made it's way into my inbox, but I know I just won't use them. 

2. Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam Palette
This palette looks beautiful, it really does, but for me it isn't worth over £40. I already own 3 of the shades - Burnt Orange and Cyprus Umber are in Modern Renaissance, and I own Sienna as a single shadow. When I spoke to Amy from, she agreed that she won't be buying the Soft Glam palette either, because, "although it's lovely, I don't need another neutral palette and I'm concerned after some of the feedback about Subculture".

3. Cover FX Glitter Drops
I am a huge fan of the Customer Enhancer Drops, but I just don't think these new iridescent, glittery shades look that wearable to me and, as much as I love Cover FX so I hate to say this, I think they look a bit gimmicky! I mean, I certainly wouldn't wear an iridescent blue highlighter... 

4. Becca Ocean Jewels Highlighter Palette 
In a similar vein, the shades in this palette don't look wearable at all. Becca produces some of the best highlighters in my opinion, but I can't see myself reaching for this palette often.

5. Urban Decay Kristen Leanne Collection
Well, for starters, I have no idea who Kristen Leanne is, so her name being on these products isn't an incentive for me to buy them - sorry! As well as the fact that nothing in this collection appeals to me at all, the colours don't look wearable at all and in my opinion, pretty sickly.

6. Charlotte Tilbury The Queen
I didn't buy this when it was launched the first time around because honestly? Hot pinks just aren't my thing! I'm addicted to Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks (actually, Charlotte Tilbury in general) but I can't picture myself reaching for this lipstick a lot if I bought it.

7. Anastasia Beverly Hills Amrezy Highlighter
I was going to buy this because it looks incredible. I didn't know who Amrezy was but I definitely recognised the name, I looked on Twitter to find out a bit more about her...only to find out she'd blocked me! I had no idea who she was, hadn't tweeted @ her, and hadn't used her name anywhere, either. So obviously I won't be buying anything with her name on it. I must admit, as petty as it sounds, this turned me off of ABH a little, if they work with someone who blocks would-be fans for no reason, what does that say about them...?

8. Benefit Bad Gal Bang 
This mascara looks horrible, I have to say! Seriously just look at this photograph Benefit themselves uploaded - how can they think this is promoting it?!  This image alone was enough to turn me off of this new launch. Usually even when products have mixed - or even bad reviews for that matter - I tend to buy it just to see for myself! But this looked so bad I really can't bring myself to part with my cash.

9. Nars Wanted Eyeshadow Palette
The left hand side of this palette looks really pretty, but certainly not original - chances are I have those shades or similar somewhere in my stash already. The right hand side? Yawn, another warm palette - warm tones don't suit me that well, anyway. Pass!

10. Clinique Marimekko Pop Splash Lip Gloss + Hydration
I love the shades and I especially love the packaging, but I don't use the several lip glosses in my collection that often anyway, so I won't be buying any of these, as appealing as they are!

11. Mac Lo-Fi Eyeshadow Palette
The colours look fun (albeit perhaps not all of them are practical for everyday wear) and the layout is interesting, but I would never, ever spend £75 on this.

Are there any recent launches you're giving a miss?
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  1. All of these products are too expensive for me to even consider them buying, but I agree with you on most of them. Colorful eyeshadows are not wearable for "normal" people, peel-off eyeliner doesn't even seem nice or comfortable, weird colors highlighters are a no for me & I'm also not a pink lipstick girl... Even though I think these could be great quality products, I won't get any. :)

    xo Honey - blog Royal Lifestyle - Twitter - Instagram