NEW Tarte Shape Tape Foundations Review

Following the crazy success of their Shape Tape concealer, Tarte recently launched their Shape Tape Foundation in two formulas: matte and hydrating. I've been putting both to the test!

As a huge fan of the Shape Tape Concealer, I had extremely high hopes for both of these. I've been testing these out for maybe 4-5 weeks, so I've really given them a good chance, but...

My first gripe are the shades. Obvious moan aside (cough, inclusivity), something that I find odd is that the shades don't correspond. I bought the lightest colour in both formulas and the colours are totally different, with the hydrating version being around 2 shades darker by my estimation. Take Nars as an example of a brand whose foundations all correspond; the shade 'Deauville' is the same in Sheer Glow as it is in All Day Luminous. It wouldn't be as strange if these were two completely different ranges, but they're not - they're the same?! They're partners! It just makes it that little bit more difficult for the consumer, and - at least to me - it makes no sense. 
Shape Tape Hydrating Foundation 
Honestly this was just a waste of money. The coverage just isn't there. I know hydrating formulas tend to be more on the sheer side across the board, no matter what brand it is, but this was just pathetic given it's Shape Tape. It's supposed to be the counterpart to the full coverage concealer everyone knows and loves. Even after going in with 3+ layers it still doesn't hide my pigmentation, which a lot of other foundations do effortlessly. Don't get me wrong, if this was marketed as a sheer foundation I wouldn't criticise it, but it wasn't; Tarte's website literally describes this as a "gel foundation featuring the same iconic, buildable full coverage as the shape tape concealer". Utter rubbish.

Not only was I disappointed by the coverage, but this oxidises a fair bit. I'm pale enough to need the lightest shade, but I'm not the fairest of the fair and I see women all the time with skin far paler than mine. Because I'm on the darker side of the 'pale' spectrum, I can just about get away with the oxidising issue as long as I take the time to bronze my neck, but any paler than I am (which isn't hard) and I don't think this would work for you. As for wearability, it does wear nicely and it looks healthy rather than greasy. It's not long wearing but I got a good 5-6 hours out of it, so it's not bad in that sense, but certainly not something to get too excited about in my opinion. 
Shape Tape Matte Foundation 
I had more success with the matte formula. This coverage is amazing and ticks all the boxes for me: it evens out my skin tone, completely hides any blemishes when they appear and hides pigmentation really well. The formula itself is really nice but not too thick, and for the most part blends really well.  The matte isn't overly matte, and it doesn't make your face look flat, there's still some luminosity there. Because my skin is combination but on the drier side, I don't mind this, but if you're looking for  a completely, 100% matte foundation, you might not be overly impressed. This brings me back to blending: whilst it did blend, I found that whilst it didn't grab onto the drier areas on my face (namely my cheeks), the foundation really did not want to blend as well there. I could make it look flawless, but if like me you have dry areas, you do have to spend a little more time there.

The wear time is similar to the hydrating formula, it looks really nice but it does start to bunch up around my nose area after around 5/6 hours. It's not dramatically noticeable but as someone who prefers not to touch up make up on the go, it's a little annoying. Especially when I consider I have a lot of other foundations that don't do this.
I do like the applicator on both. You get like a mega doe foot applicator, which I personally really like because it means it's a nice clean application, no messing around with a bottle without a pump, or applying product to the back of your hand first.. I think it's definitely unique,.

Ultimately both were totally underwhelming formula wise, and combined with the shocking shade range, I think this hotly anticipated launch fell flat on its face. Whilst I probably will continue to wear the matte one at least, I'm still disappointed.

Have you tried one or both of these yet? What were your thoughts?
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  1. The packaging is cute, but I haven't tried these or plan to try them. I have the concealer, and while I like it, I find it extremely drying on my skin. Gorgeous photos though!

    Ashlynn, All the DIY