February Favourites

I know its very cliche to say this at this point, but when January seemed to last about 9 weeks, February seems to have been like 7 days! I literally just yesterday said to my boyfriend that I thought it was the 19th. 

I was pretty ill this month with the ear infection from hell. I know that might sound pretty minimal but the infection was in the skin in my inner ear canal, so it was hard to treat. I saw 4 different doctors and have been on two different courses of antibiotics by now! Because I was feeling so rough with it, I haven't found myself wearing much make up. However, from the handful of times I did bother to drag my arse out of bed and put on a face, there was a few new standout products. 

Make Up 

Urban Decay Primer Potion Original 
I think this was one of the first high end make up products I ever purchased (although not this exact tube, obviously) and I remember enjoying it, then after I'd used up the full sized tube I'd bought, I saved all the little sample sachets of this Urban Decay was dishing out relentlessly at the time. I revisited this and I'm so impressed. It's totally sheer and leaves a transparent, tacky (but not sticky or uncomfortable) film over your eyelid for any shadows you put on top to adhere to. And it really works; shadows apply onto a smooth surface, and they stay there all day! This is 100% worth the hype. 

Too Faced Peachy Mattes Palette 
This beauty really was the shining star of the Too Faced Peaches and Cream Collection. You can see swatches in this post. I've been reaching for this a lot, it's fantastic for everything - dramatic looks, everyday looks, neutral looks. Love
Above: Vence
Nars Vence Lip Liner 
This is the perfect mauve-y nude lip colour, and I love to wear it alone, with a bit of my EOS Sweet Mint Lip Balm (which I talk about just below) patted on top. It's my current favourite lip combo in place of less hydrating lipstick formulas and tinted balms that don't have much colour payoff. The duo makes for a really pretty natural pout. 

Not forgetting skincare, my skin has definitely taken a beating. The cold weather combined with being ill and dehydrated? It's been rough, let me tell you.
Philosophy Renewed Hope in a Jar 
My cousins got me this for Christmas and the obsession is real. I love it. It's got such a light, fluffy texture and absorbs into the skin so quick. It softens the skin immediately and makes you look more awake. I've definitely noticed an improvement in my overall skin texture and pigmentation, which are my main concerns. It's richly hydrating and very calming on the skin, so this is one of the more gentle moisturisers I reach for when it's a bit irritated. This is just a great all round product, in my opinion.

EOS Sweet Mint Lip Balm 
I bought this in my last TK Maxx Haul, and I'm still obsessed a month on. It's a really nice lip balm, isn't excessively waxy or sticky so does actually give a really comfortable slip to my lips and doesn't look shiny, which is one of my bug bears with lip balms! I love the mint scent and the tingling effect, too!

Yes To Cooling Lip Oil
The cold weather has sucked the life out of my lips especially, so I've been slathering on this lip oil at night; not just before I go to bed, but basically from when I've washed my face for the evening, I will continually apply it until just before I go to sleep. This is fabulously hydrating, I choose to use it exclusively at night time though because obviously being an oil it's very shiny and heavy, but it definitely packs a punch. 
 Lush Ultrabland Cleanser
I can't believe it. All the cleansers I've used, some ranging up to around the £50 mark, I've found the best cleanser that I've personally ever come across. And this cost me less than a tenner on my latest trip to Lush.

This has the most beautiful texture, it's like a thick, creamy balm version of honey. It's very simple, hence 'ultrabland', but I think this shows that sometimes, with skin, perhaps going back to basics is best because this has probably made the most noticeable difference to my skin, both immediately after use and over the past 4 weeks. I highly, highly recommend this one. 

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Sorry that this is somewhat of a boring monthly favourites, like I said I was too ill to be really putting that much time and effort into my routine!

I feel like people are kind of over monthly favourites now anyway, but I really like reading them and I like writing them even more! As someone who uses a lot of products all the time, I love to reflect and think about which ones really stood out from the crowd. Do you still love these kinds of posts? I mean, I'll still do them either way because like I said, I love 'em, lol. But let me know!

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  1. That Too Faced palette looks absolutely gorgeous!

    Candice | beautycandyloves.co.za

  2. That Too Faced palette looks amazing! All my favourite colours! I've tried the ultra bland cleanser before and I love it too! xx

    Jasmine | http://jasminelaurenfancy.blogspot.co.uk