Nars Spring 2018 Collection | My Picks & Review

I love Nars. Have I mentioned that before? (*wink*) I dug into my purse as soon as I saw the launch of their Spring 2018 collection, I didn't buy everything but there was some things I couldn't not have!

Technically this isn't part of the Spring collection but it came out just before it's launch; it's very new and I wanted to review it. I've been impressed with every Nars foundation I've tried to date, and this one is no exception. It's so light weight! It's one of those foundations where you really don't feel like there's make up on your face. It's like a 'your skin but better' product, but with a bit more power. You get effortless full coverage, it's not a foundation you need to spend time building up just to get it to cover that pesky spot on your cheek.

My favourite thing about it is the finish. It blends like a dream to a seamless, even and smooth finish. I know this might sound a little cliche because I'm basically repeating the name of the product, but it really does create a natural looking, radiant base. And not a dewy kind of radiance (that can quite quickly slip and slide all over the place and/or turn greasy) but a 'glow from within' healthy radiance. Your skin looks flawless, not your make up - if that makes sense. It wears a good 8+ hours without moving around, becoming cake-y or letting excess oil slip through, and maintains the flawless look all day long. I highly recommend this foundation!
I'm already a big fan of this liquid blush formula (review here) and so I just had to get this. It's a really bright, punchy reddy pink and I'm in love. It's very pigmented, so I can't apply it too intensely on my skin tone (pale AF) but taking a small drop and blending it onto the apples of my cheeks and up to my temple adds a warm flush to my face. I love it! If you're yet to convert to liquid blushers, don't be scared of them. They're a lot more versatile with the colour being much easier to manipulate, it's just as easy to tone it down (blending over it with your foundation brush or sponge - no extra product required) as it is to build up (add more or use a heavier hand). 
I was first introduced to the Nars Lip Covers in their 2016 Summer Collection, and I think Nars tried to add a twist with these new Spring-time additions with their shimmer/metallic shade Embrasse Moi. I wasn't drawn to that shade, I'm just not a fan of the metallic lip trend! Actually, I was only lusting over one shade - Under Arrest. It's a warm, sandy peach tone that I find very wearable and flattering. The formula, as I anticipated, is stunning: soft and semi-matte, luminous and long wearing. Highly recommend this lipstick! 
This is bright! It's a true pink shade with a buildable glow, and when you layer it up it can become practically beaming! Because of the pink tone, I like to take any excess on my brush to blend it into the blush on the apples of the cheeks, to make an almost gradient highlight up to my cheek bone. I think this is a nice way of ensuring even the brightest of highlighters doesn't end up looking too much of an 'Instagram highlight' (a.k.a an unflattering white stripe down the cheek!). It swatches with a lot of shimmer but it translates on the face as being bold and bright, but not shimmery. It applies smoothly and doesn't grab to texture, this is fabulous and very apt for Spring!

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Are you eyeing up anything in particular from the Nars Spring collection? Have you tried anything already? 
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  1. I love Nars products, the quality is so good! I'm loving the highlighter. I'm the same with my highlighter, starting it on my cheeks - plus the colour doesn't look like that unflattering white line of highlighter which is awesome, too.

    Felicity |

  2. What a beautiful collection! I especially love the look of that blush!

    xo, Elisabeth

  3. Wow these look amazing, the lip covers look gorgeous! Lovely post xx

    Jasmine |