Photo Shoot: Snowy Tuesday

A couple of weeks ago, the UK experienced an unusually cold spell and quite a heavy snowfall - which we haven't seen in several years. It was a winter wonderland all week, and one day (it was a Tuesday, how did you know?) my friend Bobbi and I braved the snow to take some photographs.
I took these so long ago now that I can't actually remember the make up details like I usually can! Except that the lipstick Bobbi is wearing is Jouer Brique.   
Photography Information
Canon A1
Kodak Ektar 100 
Model: Bobbi
I do appreciate and apologise that this is a bit of a non-post, but I enjoyed taking these photographs so much, and loved the results, that I just wanted to share them! If you want to see more, the whole set can be viewed here. I'd also really appreciate it if you went and gave my photography Instagram page, @MillieClintonPhotography, a follow!
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  1. So beautiful!

    Felicity |

  2. That looks so nice. It doesn't seem so long ago we had all the snow, and now its nothing but sunny days!