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Let's talk about two of my passions: supporting independent businesses, and beauty.  

I first came across MDMFlow a couple of years ago, when I read about them in a magazine. If memory serves, it was when they launched their first lipstick. They currently have a range of cosmetics, including mascara, liquid lipsticks and matte lipsticks. MDMFlow is a brand which strives to cater for skin tones which are often overlooked by big-name brands, as well as for those on a budget. It's a brand well worth supporting.  Founder and female entrepreneur (you go girl!) Florence wants to expand her make up range, and is currently working on her Flawless Base Foundation

"The MDMflow Flawless Base foundation works on all skin types, for all skin tones.
A serum based formula that gives light yet build-able coverage, so you can go for a "no make-up" look all the way to full face"
You may have read about Florence in the latest issue of Glamour - all about her experience starting her own brand. It's definitely worth a read, it's very inspirational.

In order for Florence to continue to work on her latest product, she needs some support from beauty lovers like you and I. You can pre-order your Flawless Base Foundation by pledging £10 here - where you can also read all about the foundation. If you don't want to pre-order the foundation, you can pledge as little as a fiver, and in return you'll get a personal thank you note from Florence herself. I will be pre-ordering my foundation as soon as I next get paid (I know it's only a tenner, but #poorstudentlife). You can also sign up to a referral programme where you get rewarded for each friend you recommend Flawless Base to, so not only are you helping a smaller company grow, you're getting a little something too! You can sign up to that here.

I definitely think MDMFlow has a huge future ahead, but Florence can't get her brand there without some help. Please do consider pre-ordering your Flawless Base Foundation, not only will you eventually get your hands on a brand spanking new product (which sounds very promising!), but you'll be supporting an independent beauty brand and it's founder.

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This post was NOT sponsored, or even affiliated with MDMFlow. I really am just a big believer in supporting smaller business. 

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  1. £10 for what sounds like a great foundation, and supporting an independent brand into the bargain? Sounds like, well, a bargain! Count me in - and thanks for posting about it!

    Lis |