Winter Skin Favourites

I wasn't going to write this as I thought it'd be too late in the year, what with it being March and all. But given the ridiculous weather we've had over the past few days, "the beast from the East" - I thought I'd go ahead and get typing. 
Like I talked about yesterday in my February favourites, my skin has taken a battering from the cold weather. I asked on Twitter and apparently several people feel the same and are looking to rehydrate and refresh. Here's some of my favourite products for when my skin needs hydration more than anything else. 

Masks & Serums 
Sukin Super Greens Detoxifying Clay Masque*
This is my favourite clay mask for when my skin is on the drier side because it dries down smooth, rather than to a crusty/flaky texture (that's not to say masks that perform that way are dehydrating, but they're certainly not comfortable on dry skin). The moisture locking ingredients in this beautiful mask are avocado and baobab, and you can really feel the difference after using it. Your skin just feels more comfortable and nourished. 

Vichy Quenching Mineral Mask 
This is a long time favourite of mine. This has a watery gel texture that's intensely cooling and soothing (especially on sensitive skin) and is rich in glycerin, which works to replenish dehydrated skin by drawing water from the air into the skins outer layer. You don't have to rinse it off, so I often use this before bed, and then before I go to sleep I'll massage in the excess and top it off with a light layer of oil.
Rodial Stem Cell Super Food Oil
This is an oil serum; it's sticky at first but doesn't take long to absorb. I use it at night however so that I don't have to wait for it to sink in before applying make up. This is great for dehydrated skin thanks to it's blend of superfoods, anti-oxidants and vitamins. Just as a side note, it's rich with vitamin C and has worked wonders for my pigmentation!

For those that don't know, hyaluronic acid is the ingredient you want to look for when you're after hydration. This serum is packed full of the stuff, as the name suggests! It's super light weight with an almost watery consistency, and absorbs instantly. It's ideal for sensitive skin and can be used night and day. 
If you're looking for a serum that's totally weightless, this Pixi pick comes highly recommended. It's literally like water, but, packed with natural flower oils, really does the job. This is suitable for day or night, and is a really lovely, extra hydrating step in anyone's routine (it's suitable for all skin types).
Oils & Creams
Green People Damask Rose Facial Oil*
While on the subject of rose, another great pick for thirsty skin is this facial oil from Green People. It contains a whole host of skin loving ingredients, but most importantly avocado, thistle seed and almond for hydration. However my favourite thing about this oil is that the formula is perfect for re-application. I am a big fan of topping up your skincare throughout the day (oils especially) and this one is so lightweight, silky and non-greasy that it's perfect for doing so.

Bioderma Hydrabio Creme*
This is a fantastic face cream that really focuses on moisturising the skin. It has a lovely rich texture without being too thick and heavy, and works to not only nourish the skin, but to also help your skin regain it's natural hydration capacities. This is a very reliable moisturiser that I keep going back to when my skin is thirsty!
This is one of my favourite formulas ever when it comes to moisturisers, it's cream-to-water, which translates as being a very thin gel that melts as soon as its applied to the skin. It's instantly refreshing and super absorbent, containing "10,000 marine micro-droplets" which lock into your skin for lasting hydration.

This is my favourite cream for during the day. Part of REN's Evercalm series, this is excellent for those with sensitive skin. This instantly transforms dull and dehydrated skin that's uncomfortable and almost starchy, with it's rich and silky texture, plus also provides protection from atmospheric stressors.
Caudalie Beaty Elixir
Okay, honorary mention I know, because I don't have a category for 'spritzes'! But sandwiching different steps into your routine is a really important key to hydrating your skin! I like to spray this after toning, before serum. This is just a bonus step to really lock in the moisture, plus the wonderful soothing sensation is a god send on particularly dry, stiff and starchy feeling skin. 

Lush Sympathy for the Skin
The obsession with this is real, I'd used up one tub and repurchased another on my latest trip to Lush. Not only does this smell amazing, but it leaves my skin feeling so soft and hydrated. It contains bananas, cocoa butter, vanilla and sandalwood, which work together to nourish, soften and sooth skin. The sandalwood in particular is a key ingredient for targeting dry skin!

Time Bomb Hand to Hand Combat Hand Cream*
I love this! It contains argan oil and olive oil to moisturise the skin, and really does relieve dry, cracked skin. It's not overly fragranced which is a big selling point for me. As nice as some hand creams smell, I personally would rather not be walking around with my hands smelling like a fruit bowl!

Yes To Lip Oil
As I mentioned in my monthly favourites, this is a thick oil that I love to slather on my lips at night to restore their hydration and make them smoother! It contains a blend of coconut oil and olive oil to deeply nourish and moisturise.

Shop My Winter Skin FavouritesSorry that this is a rather long post, but my skin has really felt the chill this winter!
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  1. That Pixi Rose Caviar Essence looks really interesting, love any product that will give my skin a bit more moisture! xx

    Jasmine |

  2. I think I need to save this post, my skin is awful in the winter. So dry and meh. I had an amazing BIOTEC facial recently which really sorted it out for now though.

    Stevie x