Miracle Product: Aquis Hair Towel

This is the first post in a new series on the blog called Miracle Product. In these posts, I will be singling out a particular product which has instantly and dramatically improved my life in some way. Without further ado, let's chat about a towel.

Yes, a towel! The AQUIS Lisse Luxe Long Hair Towel* has truly changed my life. I used to dread washing my hair, not because I hated the washing process, it was the drying that was a pain in the arse. My hair is extremely thick and about nipple length, and it takes hours to dry. There have been occasions where I've gone to sleep with damp hair because I've been too lazy to dry it, and when I've woken up, it's still wet! It's that thick. It's like a sponge!  I was a bit skeptical when I heard about this towel, which promises to dry hair much faster than traditional towel drying. As someone who considers blow drying a last resort (and an irritating inconvenience) I was intrigued.
The hair towel is made with AQUITEX, which is a fabric woven with ultra-fine fibres to give the towel superior water wicking capabilities, drying 5x faster than with ordinary cotton towels. It's also designed to be very lightweight and and gentle on the hair, with minimal damage and frizz thanks to less friction.  I know this might sound mad, but this towel works. It's a miracle. I just pat my hair dry and within a minute it's gone from dripping wet to just being slightly damp. If I have time I'll wrap my hair in it and let it sit for a while until it's totally dry, but if I do need to blast it with a hair dryer to finish off the job before heading out, now it only takes 3 minutes, compared to at least an hour.  Not only has it vastly improved my morning routine, I love the way it makes my hair look! When it dries naturally it goes so smooth and wavy, I love it.I highly, highly, highly recommend this product. If you have long and/or thick hair, trust me, this will change your life!

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  1. So glad I came across this post ! I have the same problem with my daughters long hair ! Definitely going to have to invest in one . It should last years too , it looks really good quality in the pics !