May Favourites

May: Exam season, heat waves, flash floods; and a hint of make up, skincare and hair care! Here's what I've been loving lately: 

I first eyed up this little gem when I was out shopping, I was ambling by the Laura Mercier counter and it instantaneously caught my eye. Looking at the metallic rose gold shade, you can totally see why!  This was a total impulse purchase but after swatching it I just had to have it.

The shimmer shades are honestly phenomenal, they're so pigmented and versatile. I love using the dark brown shimmer both as a subtle wash of shimmer in a daytime smokey eye, and to build it up for an intense smouldering look. The pale silvery/beige-y shimmer is a bit more subdued but patted on the lid with a finger makes for a beautiful Summery look, it looks almost glossy when the sunlight hits it. The matte shades are nice and buttery and don't skip!

Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder
I initially strayed away from this because I'd heard bad reviews, but from my experience, I'd say they're totally unwarranted. This is magic in a miniature tub! I'd advise that it's best to avoid setting your under eye area with it - or at least don't do it heavy handedly or with a powder puff - because it'll leave too much of a white cast. However, swooping a small amount underneath the eye area (after it's been set with translucent powder, if you feel so inclined) lifts the area and really gives your complexion a brighter appearance. This comes in a lot cheaper than a lot of other Laura Mercier products, at only £20 (plus or minus a pound or two, depending on where you shop!), so I do highly recommend picking it up.

Bobbi Brown Nude Finish Illuminating Powder
This powder has a 6 shades and textures in it to make up one setting powder. All of them are flesh tones, including translucent, some to highlight, and some with shimmer in it. Swirled together and brushed over the face makes for make up that is set into place all day, but isn't mattified. It replaces oily shine with light reflecting luminosity - not chunky shimmer. I'm obsessed. I'm wearing it in the selfie at the bottom.
Bobbi Brown Hydrating Face Tonic
Being a long-time devotee of the Pixi Glow Tonic*, I decided to add a second lotion to the mix, this time to target my dehydration. I have to say, since concentrating on hydration in general, my skin has vastly improved in every aspect: it's clearer, brighter, softer etc. This lotion, specifically, though, is a pleasure to use. It immediately quenches thirsty skin and just feels so comfortable. It's not vastly expensive, either - and really does the job. If you're concerned about dehydration - or need something to calm your skin - this is a great pick.

Armani Colour Control Glow Moisturiser
I was contemplating perhaps not mentioning this as a favourite seeing as I reviewed it here. But I love it so much. It's the perfect glow boosting primer/CC cream/moisturiser rolled into one. The obsession is real!

Armani/Prive Pivoine Suzhou
This was a present from my wonderful boyfriend. It's such a gorgeous fragrance, I always get compliments when I wear it. It's very light and airy, supposedly inspired by Asian gardens. It has notes of mandarin, pink pepper, raspberry, musk, amber, rose and patchouli. If you find yourself in the vicinity of it, do give it a test!

Toni & Guy Casual Rough Texturiser
I've gone out of my way to look after my hair since I last had it cut and died. I'd let it grow out awfully long and it was just a bit frizzy. I've had it cut to shoulder length and I love making it look tousled..sort of like 'just woke up and shoved a brush through it hair', except, not really. Because if I actually did the latter, it would just look...well, like I woke up and shoved a brush through it! I really wanted something that would make more of a 'look', but was still effortless, easy to do, and perfect for everyday. This texturising spray for Toni & Guy does just that, it gives it a matte finish and makes it look a bit more 'done'.  Here's a selfie with my hair done with the product:

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  1. the palette looks like a great neutral everyday shades x

    Erin Azmir

  2. Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder - sounds interesting, think I would try it

  3. I wish I could wear winged eyeliner but with hooded eyes, it's not possible. Yours looks lovely!